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Is it better to go there for a day trip from the DF or to stay at a hotel overnight? Our trip will be for five days.

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It's an easy day trip.
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Agree--easy day trip. Hire a guide, climb the pyramid (choose one).
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There are a lot of tours to Teothuican, your hotel in the DF will offer one or know of one. Those tours have a mind of their own, lol.

The take you to a "rest stop" which is really a tourist shop trap where you can browse all of the Aztec symbols carved from gemstones, sample tequilla cremes, etc. They take way too long at that stop. Then you get to Teot. and they do give you a talk about the site, show you the amazing acoustics, and show you the famous Quetzalcóatl frescoe. This is good, then you are given a good deal of time to walk the avenue and see the pyramids on your own. Also good.

Then they take the group to a place for lunch. This is ok, not great, usually overpriced, and again, it takes too long.

If there is a way to get there on your own (and my memory is that there IS a bus from the DF that goes there) I would opt for that. It will take more planning, but you will be on your own time and can choose which olace outside the ground to eat lunch at, and most of all, skip that tourist trap shop. That way you can have a really full day at the ruins.
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I think this depends on your level of interest in the ruins. It is certainly possible to day trip, either on organized tours or via the metro and bus. emd3 provides a good description of the organized tours, which also tend to include the Virgin of Guadeloupe stop. However, I've made three day trips out and I think there is still more to see! I believe there is a hotel on site or nearby, a Club Med, if I'm not mistaken.
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Fra, we should get together in Mexico sometime if we are both there at same time. We both really enjoy the country. I travel solo there a lot.
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emd3 -- Absolutely! by-the-way, I really enjoyed your report on Morelia and environs -- an area I haven't visited (yet!).
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Fra, you can email me at eileend10 at verizon.net
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Afraid right now I haven't even any medium-range plans to return. Next trip to Morocco, then I hope India.
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I don't mean to be the Spelling Police like on the Europe Forum where people argue about umlauts, but the OP might find more info if she spells it Teotihuacan. Or, Heaven forbid, she finds a bus that takes her to Teohuican...
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Yeah, that is why I don't use the Europe board on fodors, lol.
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