suggestions on food in pv

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suggestions on food in pv

is it safe to eat and drink water at hotels like the marriott in puerto vallarta? my three kids have never gone and i am concerned with the food.
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Dear mom - it may be safe, but may not, so I advise not to take a cahnce by eating food or drinking water from hotel or Mex. restaurant. Best to bring your own - packages of crackers and plastic jars of peanut butter work well.
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Hiho is being sarcastic here, I think. Mom, if you do a search on this forum, you'll probably find all kinds of opinions on food and drink in Mexico. I've rarely if ever had a problem, whereas some people have a problem going to another city in the US or Canada. To me, it seems like an individual issue. However, if you're nervous, just make sure they only drink bottled water and eat prepared foods. I would say that the bigger hotels in Mexico generally have water that is safe to drink (even some of the smaller ones).
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Hiho, that's a load of rubbish. Have you ever been here? I've been coming here for 25 years and have lived here for 9 years.
The water is safe and everyone uses bottled, purified water in the restaurants, just for taste.
Sorry for the rant, but I don't like mis-information.
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We were there in February. We ate and drank and had no problems.
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We were in Puerto Vallarta recently - Second week of June. Took our young son with us. We did not have any problems what so ever. Before we left my son's pediatrican told us to give him acidoplous (spelling?) for one week before hand. You can find it at health food stores.
Do not give toddleror young kids pepto bismal (as someone may suggest) - it contains asprin.
Also while there visit the local grocery store and by yogurt or yougurt drinks. Will help keep intestinal bacteria up(the good kind that fights the bacteria that causes diarehea). Most places had a large variety to choose from and it tastes just like yogurt at home (United States).Can even find yoplait. Do not eat lettuce or fruits that aren't pealed. Come to think of it I don't even remember being served or offered any type of lettuce and most of the local fruits are the type that need peeled anyway (mango, papaya, pineapple and banannas). I was really worried before we left but once we got there everything seemed OK. Try pipi's for dinner- a really fun place with good food. My son even had a kiddie frozen marigta - worried the ice in the drink would not be OK but he was fine. I also packed some of those fruit and applesauce cups for my son, along with a jar of peanut butter. Don't worry there is plenty of kid friendly food that can be found. There is also two large grocery stores in PV that sell almost everythhing you can get at home (even same name brands). Relax and have a really good time. (sorry about spelling)
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I just got back from PV,july 21, Mainly drank bottled water but had frozen drinks and ate at street vendors{they had the best and cheapest tacos and quesidias] No problems with illness for me or my 2 kids. some street carts are cleaner than others but the fish and food was very fresh and great. recommend the cafe de olla in old PV for great food. Also the restaurant prices along the Malecon were high and the food was O.K. but not great.
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PV food/water
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Most people stick with bottled water to drink. Bars, restaurants & often even private homes have 'sparklettes'-style jugs delivered.

Is the Mariott an All-Inclusive where you will be eating from a hotel buffet table? That situation is most often where I've heard complaints of illness from food.
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Eat, drink and be marry! I've been doing it for 20 yrs. No problema!

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Mom, Is this the Casa Magna Marriott in The Marina district? Or is there more than one 'marriott'?
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I've never had a problem with food or water anywhere. Must be the fact that I actually ate the mudpies I made when I was a kid. A friend that travels with me always has trouble unless she sticks to bottled water despite the hotel purified water. Everyone if different.
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