Recife or Pantanal

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Recife or Pantanal

We are going to Brazil in October and would like to go to Rio, the Amazon and one other place. We can't decide between Recife and the Pantanal. Can anyone give us information, tips, advice or opinions on which we can base a decision?? We'd also be happy to hear about other places you would advise going. We have the Varig airpass but will only be in Brazil for 2 weeks. Thanks.
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I am in the early planning stages for a similar trip and we're having trouble narrowing down our destinations as well. We're thinking 2 weeks in November. Figuring out where to go and how long to stay in each place is difficult when there is so much to see. How did you get your Varig airpass and how much was it? I checked their website and couldn't find anything. I've heard some people say that you will see more wildlife in the Pantanal than you will in the Amazon, if that is a consideration. Have you figured out where you're staying in Rio, and are you doing this as a package through an agent or putting the whole thing together yourself?
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I found your question on the Europe forum, and I hope this is you...Right now I am at work and I have a lot of the information about where I stayed and such at home. I'll look it up this weekend and get back to you. I spent 10 months working in Sao Paulo and one month working in Recife and did a little bit of travel on the weekends. Right off the top of my head I would definitely recommend Rio and Igauzu Falls. Regarding the Varig pass, you may want to call the airline directly, I know they have an office in Atlanta. I think in order to get the pass you must fly Varig to Brazil. I flew them a couple of times to Brazil and a few time within the country. Pretty good service, but they do allow smoking. I'll write more this weekend.


P.S. I tried to e-mail you, but I got an error.
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I did a 2-week tour of Brazil one Oct a few years ago which included both Iguazu Falls and Recife. The falls is awesome; if falls interests you, this is the place to go, both Brazil and Argentina sides. You can also go see the largest hydro-electric power plant in the world.

Recife has historical significanse, the Golden Chapel (a sight to behold), beach at Boa Viagem which I think is better than Rio's, Olinda - a designated World Heritage site.

It so happened too that the days we were in Recife, there was a pre-carnival celebration, no where like Rio's carnival but a parade with lots of singing, dancing, and crowd participation.

Did not get to go to Pantanal.
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daniel lee
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if you are into nature and seeing wilderness i would recommend going to pantanal instead of recife. but if you want a lot of cultural and artisitc exposure, recife is the place to be. olinda is very antiquated and colonial and recife itself has quite a nice nightlife. plus you'd be close to some amazing beaches such as porto de galinhas and tamandare. boa viagem is definietely better than copacabana. boa viagem is long, flat, and walkable for countless miles. a lot safer too.

i also discourage trying to fit in too many things into a short trip. rio itself demands almost a week, and i'm sure the amazon demands at least 2.

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If you go to Recife, make sure and visit Olinda. Olinda is a wonderful colonial town, with cobblestone streets, and a craft market (I'm not sure what days though). While in Olinda, I recommend the following restaurants: Chez Georges and Oficina do Sabor. If you order the house specialty you can take home a hand painted plate as a souvenier.

Boa Viagem is a nice beach, but I have to admit, I liked the ones near Rio better. However, Boa Viagem does have a great walk up and down the beach. Another beach near Recife is Porto de Galinhas, be brave and try some of the wonderful food served by the locals on the beach. You won't regret it at all.

At Iguacu Falls, make sure and visit both the Brazil and Argentine side. Both offer a breathtaking view that words can't express. You might want to think about bringing a water resistent camera because you can get pretty close to the falls. Also bring a poncho, and an extra set of shoes. I was soaked from head to toe when I visited the Brazil side, but the next day in Argentina I barely got wet from the falls. While at the falls, take the boat ride up to the falls. The day we were there the water was pretty high, and the boat ride was rough, but a lot of fun. Since Iguacu is on the Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay borders, you might want to think about going over the bridge into Paraguay. The town was pretty dirty, and I wouldn't do it again, but I'm glad that I went. The Itaipu Dam is a sight, just for the sheer size if nothing else. However, if you don't like things that hurt the environment, then don't go to the dam.

In Rio, I recommend staying in Ipanema. Definitely go to Pao de Acucar and Corcovado.

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