Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Oct 18th, 1999, 07:53 AM
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Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Can anyone give me any info on the following restaurants: Bogarts, La Palapa, El Torito, Cafe Do Olla, Cuiza, Chef Roger, Senior Chicos, The Reporter, Fajita Republic and Senior Pepes? Please tell me about the atmosphere, specialties, price, etc. Thanks for the help!
Oct 18th, 1999, 06:36 PM
D Newton
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We will tell you about the ones we have been to.

La Palapa - great food a little bit pricey but not too bad
El Torito - great bbq ribs and chicken, in fact all good and a great place to watch football, etc.
Cafe do Olla - haven't been there since 1996 but was inexpensive and good when we were there (it's been closed at the time of year we go for the past three years)
Chef Roger - ???? but heard good reports
Senior Chicos - no VERY average food and great service....pricey
The Reporter ????
Fajita Republic - good food, huge portions which you need to share so becomes a very resonable price. The service last year was better. This year the waiters were quite stand-offish
Senior Pepes - never eaten there but heard it is good.

Hope this helps!
Oct 18th, 1999, 07:51 PM
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Restaurants are abundant in Puerto Vallarta...
Bogarts - extremely overpriced!!! But very interesting atmosphere. Something out of Morocco. Would I go back - not for the money.
Senior Pepes - wonderful, fun atmosphere and I think we may have just ordered poor choices...others have loved it - the margerites are geat. Price - average and yes we would try again.


Oct 19th, 1999, 07:01 AM
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Hi Connie. As mentioned earlier, Puerto Vallarta is full of wonderful restaurants & everyone has their own personal favorites. We've been to Cafe de Olla numerous times (the street name it's on if you've never been there before is Basilio Badillo...otherwise known as Restauranrt Row)...good plentiful food at very reasonable prices. Get there early or you'll have to get in the lineup. Down the street from Cafe de Olla is another THREE of our favorites: ROBERTO'S (fabulous seafood entrees), CARISMA (across the street from Roberto's & owned by the same fellow))...incredibly yummy Italian food, and TAPAS (the best Sangrias & finger food). We've been to CUIZA a few times for lunch but not supper. Beautiful atmosphere to rest your tired feet after a day of shopping. The food is good too. You're surrounded by a canopy of tropical trees ...look above & you're bound to see a few iguanas!I'm sure it's lovely at night with all the flickering candlelight.Unlike a lot of opinions, we were quite disappointed in Fajita Republic....who knows, maybe we hit an off night & picked the wrong menu items.
We're going back again at the end of this month & I'm sure we'll stumble upon even MORE great restaurants!

Oct 19th, 1999, 06:05 PM
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A locals restaurant report:
Bogarts: pricey but with interresting atmosphere.
La Palapa: beautiful location on the beach with great live guitar music. Good food but on the higher price range.
Cafe de Olla: Cute little mexican restaurant with inexpensive good food.
Pipis: Great margaritas, inexpensive Mexican food.
Cuiza: Great Live Jazz music, located on the River under the trees. OK food
a little more pricey.
CHEF ROGER: WONDERFUL patio dining, Swiss Chef, higher end price but great.
TRIO: Also WONDERFUL on Calle Guerrero in Downtown. higher end but worth it.
Reporter: Not there anymore , now it is called Andres & Gatos, I have not been there.
Fajita Republic: Usually good inexpensive Mexican Food.
Mr. Pepes: have not been in years but probably pretty average with a good view.
ARCHIES WOK: Best Thai/oriental food in town with wondeful atmosphere and good prices. Great Mai Tai's Owners are wonderful and they also have live music flute,guitar
Karpathos: Great Greek Food
Hope this helps! There are lots of wonderful places to visit here.
Feb 18th, 2000, 01:32 PM
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Cafe De Olla was outstanding and inexpensive. It is an interesting atmosphere but no A/C. If you want a different idea try Archie's Wok south of the Cuale river. The owner used to be Richard Burton's private chef when he lived there. The food and drinks are superb, almost unbelievable for the price.
Mar 21st, 2000, 02:45 PM
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Hi Connie and anyone else interested in PV restaurants-
Bogarts- No, expensive, bad service, non mex atmosphere
La Palapa - Elegant, pricey. good food and excellent service, go for a drink at least
El Torito - Good for watching a sports event
Cafe de Olla - Cheap but inconsistent quality
Cuiza - No longer there, new managment
Chef Rogers - Great food and service, no view though
Sr. Chicos- great view, but food and atmosphere downhill
The reporter- no longer there, n.m.
Fajita Republic - Good cheap and centrally located
Now my recommendations-
Exp. but worth it - Maximilians, Trio, and super chic Cafe des Artistes (for birthday, anniversary , business meeting)
Middle priced- Robertos, River cafe, Pipis, Archies wok and deli, all very good and consistent.
Cheap but inconsistent- Red Dragon, chinese food on Insurgentes on south side
You have to try El Asadero in Pitillal, grilled meats, steak, chicken , ribs, chorizo incl. mutton (believe me it goood), all you can eat, with Mariachi and a real Mexican atmosphere, funky place. Also good and safe are Marisma seafood tacos on the south side of town.
Also good and cheap and authentic is The pozole place located 1/2 block before Hidalgo park on Avenida Mexico, open only at night.
And as anywhere, look and ask, if a place is empty, there´s usually a reason
Good luck and good eating.
Mar 22nd, 2000, 06:35 AM
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I have been scratching my head for several months now trying to remember the name of a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. I am almost bald now from all of the scratching.

I should remember it if I hear the name. Hopefully some of you kind folks will be able to identify it.

It is an upscale restaurant on the hill overlooking the city and the bay. It was a 7 story house that is built right on the side of the hill. In fact, part of the house is still lived in. The owners are a family that arrived from Spain many years ago. This place is quite famous but I cannot recall the name of it.

Is there anybody out there that can help me before all of my hair is gone.

Incidently, this is a great restaurant and I highly recommend it.
Mar 22nd, 2000, 07:24 AM
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Here is a pretty good Puerto Vallarta restaurant guide website: http://www.inside-vallarta.com/html/pv_dine.htm
This site covers most if not all of the restaurants you asked about.

To CuriousEater, perhaps that mystery restaurant is called Sr. Pepe's. It is located on a hill above the city, owned by a Spanish family, and when we ate there a few years ago, it featured a rooftop patio type dining room with a great nightime view of the city. Food was great, and when my wife got chilly, Sr. Pepe brought a shawl out and placed it on her shoulders. Great service!
Mar 22nd, 2000, 06:16 PM
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Dear Curious Eater,
I think the restaurant that you're thinking of is El Panorama. Hope you haven't gone bald!

Dear connie,
We spend 2 weeks in December in PV every year. Cafe de olla is a "fun" restaurant. The downside is that they do not take reservations and they only take cash....no credit cards. The menu is extremely varied. Most food is grilled on huge grills in the front of the restaurant. Usually live music.
Mar 23rd, 2000, 09:57 AM
elena garza
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Hola Everyone!
I think that the restaurant that you are speaking about is El Palomar de los Gonzalez, owned by one of the Gonzalez. It used to be their home, but as they grew and left the nest, the home became a showplace home and a restaurant. I happen to know the family personally.
It is a great recommendation.
Contact me if you come up with more "mysteries" about PV. I have lived here 20 years.
Mar 24th, 2000, 04:32 AM
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I wish to thank all of you kind folks for your responses. Unfortunately the names do not ring a bell. Maybe it is simply a sign of old age or the bell ringer is asleep.

It definitely was not named Sr. Pepe's. El Palomar is a possibility but I don't know. There were a couple other restaurants within a few blocks but this one was unique.
Apr 11th, 2000, 10:38 PM
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Hello, CuriousEater: Was it Cafe des Artistes? Special occasion kind of place with really gourmet food.
May 31st, 2000, 02:56 PM
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I have visited PV one time and am going again in two days. My favorite restaurant is Andariego (seafood/mexican) on the "main" street. It has a yellow sign. Very nice wait staff. smallish kind of place. Our waiter fixed us up with a wonderful plate of mexican food that was not on the menu.
Jun 13th, 2000, 05:07 PM
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The restaurant El Panorama is located in the Hotel Suites La Siesta. It is a fully operational hotel so I don't think that is the restaurant you are scratching your head about.
Jun 29th, 2000, 08:51 AM
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Curious Eater: Could it have been Chez Elena? Cant remember how may stories the building was, but it was up a very steep hill behind the church, whith a roof top bar or sorts that has a spectacular view of the city and bay. The indoor/outdoor dining room was surrounded by a low brick wall and lots of Bouganvillia. Very good seafood. Sound familiar?

A little touristy, but exquisite at sunset is Le Kliff, aboiut 10 minutes past the La Jolla de Mismaloya resort. Worth the trip up there!
Jun 30th, 2000, 07:15 AM
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After reading all of the messages on restaurants, I've decided that tastes are very subjective.
Restaurants in Vallarta come and go at an alarming rate. Some of the ones mentioned have already closed. Others have changed ownership. It's very difficult to recommend a rest. because it can wonderful one night and horrid the next. But here are my favorites:
Very pricey:
Cafe Des Artist Going just for the art is nice.
La Perla (Camino Real hotel)
A bit pricey:
Bogarts (sorry, everyone. the place is gorgeous, not that expensive, and the pillow under my feet is pampering to the limit!)
Le Bistro on the river, very pretty.
The River Cafe - someone said inexpensive? More or less.
Trio - very small, food very diff, but great.
Prices easy on the budget
Cafe Olla - Mexican

El Torito is my sons and husbands favorite hang out for all the fights, soccer matches, etc. If you're not into sports, don't go.
Can't talk about the others. Never been there. Sr. Pepes was the rest. a few years back, but I haven't been in a long time.
Have fun!
Jun 30th, 2000, 06:01 PM
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Okay...here's my two cents worth. What about Night of the Iguana. It's just south of the La Jolla de Mismaloya Resort. We had several great dinners there. Outdoor eating, of course, in a beautiful setting with a gorgeous view of the ocean. It's the film set from the movie of the same name (I know, you people who have been to PV know this, but maybe everyone doesn't!)I would highly recommend it...wonderful mariachis.
Jul 2nd, 2000, 09:52 AM
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Check out www.go2vallarta.com or www.vallartatoday.com

I'm at: www.choice1.com/villamontana.htm


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