Money in Mexico

Old Dec 9th, 1998, 01:09 PM
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Money in Mexico

Are Canadian dollars fairly easy to exchange
in Puerto Vallarta, or should I change my
Can.$ to U.S.$ before I leave home?
Thanks, Jack.
Old Dec 9th, 1998, 02:31 PM
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There is no problem with exchanging Canadian dollars in PV. Most of the hotels will exchange them. The banks will certainly change them. There are also numerous outlets called Casa de Cambios which exchange Canadian dollars. You will get a better rate with travelers cheques though. You definitely don't need US funds. Just ask though whether there is a service charge. Sometimes you will see that, but it isn't common and I wouldn't go to a place that charges one. Have a great trip.
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Hi is very easy to exchange Can $$ here will receive a better exchange rate either in the banks or the "casas de cambios" rather than the hotels, which tend to run lower than other places. Always remember coins, US or CDN are worthless here and only use your paper money!
Old Dec 11th, 1998, 11:15 AM
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One more question about money....hopefully someone can tell me.

I have some old Mexican bills and coins from my last trip to Mexico about 9 years ago. Can I still use the old money?
Old Dec 11th, 1998, 10:30 PM
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No, you cannot use the old money. Keep it as a souvenir of what happens to money in a Banana Republic.
Old Dec 15th, 1998, 05:05 AM
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Last Christmas I was in PV for 2 weeks.
Took some old money from 17 years ago,
went to the bank to exchange it to the
new mexican currancy - teller told me
it's not worth anything, keep it as a
Old Dec 15th, 1998, 04:16 PM
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That was why I had kept it originally but thanks for the info!

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