Merida's the scene?

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Merida's the scene?

Hi all,

I'm enrolled in an intensive Spanish course to be held in Merida from beginning May to early June. Since I will reside with a family for a month, I naturally have some questions. If anyone can offer some insight, it would be greatly appreciated.

First, I wonder about the quality of the drinking water. Would anyone recommend that I pack some antibiotics...or just skip it?

There is a question of creepy crawlers, did anyone think Merida had a lot of insects and the like?

More importantly, my husband will be joining me at the close of the learning session. We are debating on visiting Cancun or Cozumel or both. Our time is limited to one week. Please advise...

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Drink bottled water, the tap water is not safe in Mexico. Do not use it to brush you teeth. Make sure to get "purified ice" for drinks. Cipro is the antibiotic of choice for tourista. You may want to get some, but it should be a last resort. You can get Pepto and immodium at the local pharmacies. If you do get tourista, most pharmacies will be able to help you out. I have visited 5 times in the last few years and got tourista for the first time in Dec. I didn't use any antibiotics, just immodium and it passed in a couple of days. Make sure and get plenty of fluids, gatorade works well and can be found at most grocery stores.

Don't worry about the insects. You may want some bug spray to keep the mosquitos away.

Cancun is very touristy and expensive. I wouldn't go there. I would go to Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel. I prefer Playa, but cozumel is worth a couple of days. If you are divers coz is the place to go. Playa has beautiful beaches and 5th ave is one of my favorite places.
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I wouldn't drink the water in Merida. The water in Cancun is supposed to be ok, but I didn't take a chance anywhere. To have a good week at the beach, I would stay at Playa del Carmen and take the ferry over for daytrips to Cozumel. Of course you could also stay in Cozumel and daytrip to Playa. If you want to visit Cancun, it is only an hour from Playa. If you are into nightlife though, Cozumel or Cancun would be better than Playa del Carmen. Make sure to see the ruins around Merida, including Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Labna, Edna, etc. Was there for a day and a half in early June last year and didn't notice any bug problems. There will be some mosquitoes in the jungles though if you go to the ruins. It may be different this year without the smoke cover from the fires, but last year Merida was very, very hot (I have read that it generally is this time of year).
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Laura Wolf
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I agree about the water 100%.
We were in Mérida a year ago and I must recommend "Alberto's Continental Cafe". It's an awesome middle-eastearn restaurant set in a beautifully intriguing patio, and the food was delicious.
I also recommend that you visit Uxmal, and the other sites, especially Chichén Itzá (catch the night-time light show)
Cancún is just like being in the US, except for the beach. I haven't been to Cozumel.
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Another vote for ALBERTO'S..excellent
Cancun is stuck in a 70s disco fever past--skip it.
Water advice is correct.
If you want a more colonial city ( Meridan claims to be one, but I was disappointed) try Oaxaca (sp?), or
Queretero.(sp)I also enjoyed Morelia.


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