Just returned from Puerto Vallarta

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Just returned from Puerto Vallarta

I just got back from Puerto Vallarta where we stayed at Vallarta Torre in the hotel zone. We went for one week and did as much as we could. I would not recommend anyone going during the off season to PV, unless you are used to 100 degree weather with HIGH HIGH HIGH humidity. It was worse than Fresno! I was told it would be warm, but not like this. I would strongly suggest not going during the off season (July-Oct). It is also the rainy season. I did a lot of research on this site and was told numerous times that it would only rain in the late afternoon and only for an hour or so, maybe every few days. WRONG!! It rains all the time, at any time of the day! The streets were flooded. It was still really hot, but it was not rain like here in Seattle so it wasn't that bad. The sunsets are beautiful!! The sand is SCALDING hot! I'm warning you now!! We went on a tour around the city, called the tropical tour. Went to a catholic church, tequila testing, Old Town, Malecon (boardwalk), beaches, and Jungle with waterfalls. I would suggest everyone going to PV to go on some kind of a tour. I would do it when you first get there so you can have time to go to places that you liked, and not waste your time with place you don't like. You can talk with your travel agent or all sorts of people in PV for scheduling these tours. The water is fine here too! Don't worry about what people say..it is purified over 90% of the city. Ride the buses (watch for where they are going first before you get on-only 3 pesos) and taxis (30 pesos). Go to Old Town (over the bridge from downtown) for better bargains for souveniers. A lot of people offered to sell us weed-don't buy it! We had someone that was with us get search by the Policia. If you are found with drugs you WILL be in jail for 2 years-no questions asked and nothing you can do. And your family has to provide your meals for you. So don't be dumb. Check out Mismaloya for a fun beach. Go downtown, and to Old Town for bartering. If you touch a necklace, or something you are interested in-or even look at something for too long, you will be forced to get it, if you don't get frustrated and leave first. The locals can be very very pushy. They always start way high..so don't settle. Make your price and be stubborn. If you don't want something, just say "No, gracias." Some were not this way, but most were. You cannot even relax on the beach without someone coming every two minutes to ask you to buy something! They are very nice people. Everyone is very friendly saying, "Hola" everywhere you go. Where good walking shoes, as the steets are mainly made of cobblestone. The clubs are awesome!! Go to the Zoo, Senior Frogs, The Roxy, Kalhua,..those were my favorites. A good place to eat with live music is Cheeseburgers in Paradise. I swear, this town never sleeps!! Ok, I've rambled on way too long. Please write if you have any comments or questions! I found out so much before I left from this site, although some was false (travel agents giving incorrect info maybe to get people to come??)
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(within the time I stayed in PV during the off season)
The weather was usually 85-95 degrees. not 100. the humidity is a bit high, but not as high as the poster makes it out to be. The streets do not flood, unless you call a few puddles a flood- and it is usually sunny until the late afternoon, if not all day, and the tropical rain always feels wonderful, which usually doesn't last for long at all. If you have the chance, go to Puerto Vallarta, even in the low season.
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I live here year round and I concur with Jorge. At the very start of the rainy season we may have a few days without a lot of sun - 2 days at most. Never seen 100 degrees! and I have a thermometer. Streets don't 'flood' but are 'full' when it's raining - it's got to go somewhere!
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That is what everyone told me before I left. I just got back and the streets were flooded. Were there any drains for the rain to go to? I'm guessing not in the cobblestones streets, as that was what I was talking about. We were still able to walk and drive, but yes it was flooding when it was raining. I went out of Senior Frogs at midnight and had a horrible time jumping around to avoid getting soaked. Jorge, maybe you are used to high humidity. I was not. As I wrote in my post I would not recommend going during that time unless you were used to it. It was just as hot at 3 am as it was at noon! I would love to go back to PV, just never again during the off season. JR-I was there the first week in July which I was told was the very start of the rainy season. OK ok, maybe it wasn't 100 degrees, but I was told it was 98 when we were leaving.
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JR and Jorge are correct...I live here also. I wouldn't say the streets 'flood'...what it is, is that it rains so hard and the water/rain runs downhill (naturally!) and pours into the ocean via rivers and drains. The streets fill, true but hey! That's part of living in a tropical area. And I am actually from Fresno - no comparison! We have humidity - Fresno is dry! That's why it seems so much hotter, the humidity. It's a VERY rare day when it rains ALL day!!! We've had clear, hot days with the clouds rolling in late afternoon, bringing either drizzles or torrential rains off and on throughout the night. It's a relief! And anyway, that's Mother Nature. And another point - if you touch something you really don't HAVE to buy. People here are just trying to make a living, like everywhere else. Anyway, it sounds like you liked alot of PV and that's great! Come back soon.

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