Cancun or Pto Vallarta

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Cancun or Pto Vallarta

Planning a trip in February. Can't decide between Cancun or Pto Vallarta.
Please help with recommends!!
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Here was a helpful response I got to a similar question:

Author: Susan ([email protected])
Date: 6/12/2001, 12:53 pm ET

Message: Pam, I haven't been to Hawaii, but I've been to Mexico many times, Jamaica twice and Martinique once. I probably wouldn't go to Jamaica again - it was almost 20 years ago when I did go, but I know that violence is a problem there. I don't like being confined to a resort when I'm on holiday and I think that's what happens there. Martinique was wonderful - we had a week there and a week in Guadaloupe - it was like being in France in terms of the wonderful food, but very tropical. Again, it was a long time ago that we were there (maybe 12 years ago?). I'd go back there again, but it's expensive. As I said, I've been to Mexico many times and love it. I am partial to the interior - I've been to Mexico City, Oaxaca, Morelia, San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato. But my husband loves beaches, so we usually combine that with a beach vacation as well. We live in Toronto, so flights to the Yucatan (Cancun or Cozumel) are readily available. I DON'T like Cancun, but the area south (Playa del Carmen) is terrific. Cozumel is also wonderful, especially if you like to snorkel. I've also been to a few places on the west coast - Puerto Vallarta (many years ago), Puerto Escondido, Zihuatanejo, Acapulco. I really liked Zihuatanejo. Again, I can't say that I liked Ixtapa, but Zihuatanejo is right next door and really charming.

Where are you flying from? And at what time of year? You're picking places that are all over the map (Hawaii and the Caribbean). If you have only a week, that might determine where you go. Personally, I don't like to have to fly for several hours when I only have 7 days. We rarely stay in big hotels now or take packages, but that usually takes a fair amount of research on my part. (That's ok - I love trip planning.)

Carole suggested the Tankah/Tulum area. I don't know her place (and she is advertising which is a no no on this site), but that area is south of Cancun and Playa del Carmen offers a lot. There are the archeological sites, great beaches, etc. The water is wonderful on the Caribbean side of Mexico - it's a beautiful colour, which you don't find on the Pacific side.

Good luck with your trip. If you have any specific questions, please post them here.


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Here's another response I got regrading Cancun:

Author: Gina ([email protected])
Date: 6/12/2001, 3:06 pm ET

Message: I disagree with the other assessments of Jamaica. Went last year and had a blast , but then again, we were looking for a gorgeous, inexpensive, warm ,sunny place with a beach where we could do nothing but tan and play and have people bring us rum drinks all day. HATED Cancun - you might as well go to Myrtle Beach, SC. Just TOO touristy. Haven't been to Hawaii, but my best friend has been to Kauai 5-6 times and thinks it is the most romantic place in the world.

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cancun is the place, good info structure and more to do. cozumel is short bus ride away, great for snorkeling. pv is full of timeshare hucksters and bad roads.
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Stayed at the Royal Sands Resort in Cancun Feb 24th - Mar 4th in 2000. It was HEAVEN! We went on four all-day bus tours to various ruins and snorkeled 1/2 day on each trip. Weather was hot but to not so hot that you were terrible uncomfortable being active, the snorkeling helped cool us off. ENJOY!
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Two different resorts. What are your preferences?
Water? No comparison, the caribbean and beaches beats the Pacific Ocean hands down.
Sunsets? PV
Dining? Its a tossup
English spoken? More prevalent in Cancun
Mayan ruins or any ruins? CanCun
Entertainment: also a tossup
Cost for the dollar: PV
Of course Old puerto vallarta is an old fishing village with cobblestone streets but that gives it a distinctive flavor not found in CanCun which is a much more modern area especially the hotel areas.
Fishing: PV
As you can see both places are quite diversified.
My recomendation? go one place in Feb and try the other place next year.
C'est la vie!

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