Cancun Airport Torture

Old Mar 4th, 2000, 10:24 AM
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Cancun Airport Torture

Just got back from a super sunny and relaxing week in Cancun. We had one terrible experience however. Got off the plane and went down the stairs to Immigration. There were 12 lines and all of them about the same length. After flying all day from Seattle we just filed into one not knowing that it would be 2 hours and 10 minutes to get thru. We had 42 people in front of us in a crammed, hot, no air circulating room. Everyone was pushing and there was not enough room for me to even sit on the floor. An older man passed out and I started to shake as I am 5 months pregnant and was so hot that my clothes were soaked. People were smoking and everyone was swearing. We would move about 12 inches every 10 minutes. There was a bathroom but one could not get near it. Everyone was hot and bothered. Just like torture. We had no options but to stand in this way overcrowded standing room only holding tank. I was glad I had a bottle of water. So many kids in tears and screaming. I felt so bad for the families with little ones. Does anyone know if this is common? I was ready to turn around and come home. Luckily that was the only low point of our week. We were at Ritz Carlton for three nights and then opted to check out (too stuffy and a margarita by the pool was $17....bottle of water $8.00) and move to the Marriott. I liked the newer Le Meridian so much. We had lunch there everyday and the pool area was so nice and they had a great outdoor lunch spot. E-mail me with questions on these properties if your wish.
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Sounds terrible. We were flying out of Cancun in October, and the air conditioning in the airport was broken. Turns out it has been that way for 6 months. Apparently, it still hasn't been fixed.
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d motl
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from 2/10 thru spring break your experiance is common. They have built a second terminal supposedly for charter flights that is easier to get through. best to try to arrive in early AM. We go for two weeks in late november and you can just walk thru the airport .
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Sue C
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Sorry that happened to you. That only happened to us once in 7 times, and that too was in high season. It's not the norm, it all depends how many planes come in at once. That is one of the reasons we wear shorts on the trip down and the return trip, no matter what time of the year it is ;-). It's too hot in that airport for winter clothes!!
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Hello Melinda,
I am going to Cancun next week with my wife (early 30's)and staying at the Marriot. How was the Marriot? Do you have any suggestions for nightlife (enjoy dancing and listening to music) or restaurants (price not an option). Also, any recommendations for snorkling. I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks.
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Hi Melinda, I am sorry to hear you had a bad start to you vaction, but it great that the yest was fun. I have never been before and my husband and another couple are going down in September. We are staying at the Melia Turques. I hope I spelled that correctly. Do you know anything about that hotel, also what are soem key things we should do.
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My husband and I are leaving 6/10 for a week in Cancun and are wondering how easy it is to use Debit cards and not have to get into the money exchange. Anyone had any experience in this? If not, are credit cards acceptable? Are there ATM's like in the states? We don't want to carry money and exchange money and thought this would be the answer, but don't know if the restaurants and shops there accept debit cards. Thanks for any info. I AM DREADING THE AIRPORT SCENE . . but you did just help me decide what to wear!!!
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Well, we went to Cozumel in Feb. Was supposed to go straight there, but was detoured to Cancun. Got there around 4 on a Sunday, was hot, not real crowded. But then had to take bus and ferry to Cozumel. Got there at 7 instead of 3 like we were supposed to.

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