Back from Mexico

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Back from Mexico

I just came from 5 week travel from Mexico city to Cancun. We visited MC, Puebla, Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, Tuxtla, San Cristobal, Palenque, Chichen Itza and Isla Mujeres.

If you need any information post your reply and I will answer as soon as possible.

P.S. We loved MEXICO!
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Would love some first-hand info on Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido.
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Hi Ewa!

Oaxaca was for us the best city we visited. The town itself is maybe not so interesting but it gets lively in the afternoon and night, especially at Zocalo where is live music 3 or 4 days a week. There are three things worth a visit. First is the church (I don't know the exact name) which is nothing special on outside but inside you can see why it is called masterpiece (beautiful walls which are specially decorated and great altars), second is Mercado (open-air market) where you can find everything you want at half or quarter of the price in stores, third thing are the streets with coloured houses and Zocalo (better to visit late in the afternoon).

Near Oaxaca are Monte Alban ruins which are nothing special. You travel there by bus from Oaxaca, but when you buy ticket they also tell you when is your bus back. You have two, two and a half hour time what is more than enough. If you are planning a trip to other ruins (like Teothiuacan or Palenque) I would suggest you to skip the ruins and visit more indian villages.

Indian villages, located near Oaxaca, are a must and that is why we loved this places so much. We visited San Bartolo and Teotitlan de Valle. In San Bartolo you can find special black pottery and visit the house of the woman who invented special procedure how to make this kind of pottery. Teotitlan is the center of carpet-makers. Eventhough the prices are not a lot lower than in Oaxaca the choice is bigger and better. If you decide to visit Teotitlan I advise you to go off the main street and stroll through the village (it's not dangerous and people are friendly) and maybe you'll get lucky to meet a carpet-maker who will be willing to show you his home and the way he makes carpets. We experienced that and it was great. There are also other villages but we didn't have time to visit them because there are harder to reach but if you have a car or more time that's no problem.

The last thing we visited was El Tule which is famous for their tree which was supposed to be 2000 (or more) years old. Beside the tree nothing special there. It is very turistic place unlike villages where you hardly meet one or two tourists.

To visit this villages and Tule there are tourist offices which offer few hours long trips. The price for visiting Tule and Teotitlan was about 8 USD per person. It is better to go on your own (we did that) with colectivo bus and the costs are 1 or 2 USD per person without time limitation. We didn't visit Mitla.

While in Oaxaca you must try mole sauce (special sauce made out of chocolate). I liked it a lot but my girlfriend didn't.

We came in Puerto Escondido 4 days after big rain. They just finished cleaning mud off the street and the town looked lovely. We talked to Dutch guy who experienced the rain and said that there was about half to one meter of mud on streets. Otherwise PE is a small scale tourist place and that's what makes it more pleasant (we heard people complaining about Acapulco-very dirty). You can't swim a lot but surf is great (surfers told us so, we don't surf) and at night you can visit bars or discos. The beach is lovely but the fishermen pollute the water with their motor-boats and there is, in one part of the beach, a lot of horse shit. We stayed at Mayflower hotel and it was great and seafood in restaurants is delishes. PE is a great place to relax for few days. It is cosy and friendly, surely the place you will remember. No danger at night even for women.

That's it. If you want anything more just say so.


P.S. My English is not so good and I apologize for all mistakes I made.
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As we are going around the time of"Dio de los muertos", the hotels that we liked are already full. It had been suggested to us to stay at Hotel Santa Rosa. Do you have any info about it? Does anyone else?
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Sorry, no information about that.
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My daughter and I are planning to go to Mexico for her spring back next March. Our idea would be to fly into a gateway city and then take first-class buses to visit colonial cities. Our primary interests would be archeological sites and indigineous culture. We would only have about a week. Can you suggest a reasonable itinerary, and do you think we would need to make hotel reservations in advance for midMarch in the areas suggested? Thanks for any and all info and suggestions.

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