Allegro Resorts -- Warning

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Allegro Resorts -- Warning

Forget about the apathy towards guests found at the Allegro Resorts, or the lack of true service once you've checked in.

On a recent trip to Playa Del Carmen, a porter at the Allegro Playacar stole my new mobile phone from my carry-on bag as he was transporting our luggage to our airport shuttle. This man had the audacity to open each of the pockets and took a phone that is not compatible with the Mexican phone system. The only reason that I can think of was the fact that this phone was a brand new ultra-slim, shiny model.

I would hope that they would hire thieves with brains. Be careful.
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That's nothin. You should read going to Cabo in two weeks there is
1. a stabbed fireman
2. people who nearly lost all their money when the real estate agents took off with it.

3. Mexican woman who did lose their money to the scheming time share Bit!#es
and their schemiing pyramid scam.
4. A man who says his drinks were drugged at the bar in the Finisterra Hotel and nearly died from Salmonella poisoning and couldn't get the hotel to get a doctor for him.

5. People who did lose all their money by a scamming realtor who couldn't keep her "fingers out of the cookie Jar"

6. People who have their own web page to describe their suffering at the hands of local developers.

and just recently reports of Police abuse ,extortion, shakedowns and forced withdrawals from atm machines and pushers out dealing on the street.

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you missed
8. eleven year old boy was electrocuted and died in hotel swimming pool

9. The advice "the only thing you'll get raped by are the prices"

10. People everywhere sticking wooden duckies in your face, yappy dogs, and truck loads of federalies with guns

11. People who arrived told their hotel room wasn't available paid with cash for an inferior room and got home and found they had been charged twice

12. The publisher of the local paper being tossed by immigration for her article on corruption in immigaration

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My God people. I just returned from a week in Cabo, having almost been scared away from it by these boards, only to find that it was a great place. Granted, I was sensible and stayed out of some sketchy looking areas at night but you'll find those places anywhere. Mexico is not Hawaii, but if you wanted Hawaii, you should go there. Our resort, the Villa del Palmar, had very nice and accommodating staff, the restaurant was great, didn't get the least bit sick or harrassed at all. And as for timeshare sellers and vendors...if you say no and ignore them, they go away. Stop making things up and scaring people away from Mexico.
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What a load of Bull. You just say No and they go Away. Those people down there do not understand No.

These are not made up reports. Many of these reports made news and newspapers and T.V. Some have their own web pages.

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a Professional Agent
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As to the Time Share Sellers, tell them you are Travel Agents, they will leave you alone.

Cell Phone, Possibly true. My husbands was missing when we returned 2 years ago. He called it and the Idiot (we think it was the Limo Driver who took us back to the Airport) actually answered it.
We reported the Theft, AT and T billed us for several months, but finally took it off when we told them we Reported the Theft as soon as we discovered it. Midnight the day we got home.
I am going back to Playa del Carmer next week, so obviously it did not taint my opinion of Mexico.
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My original message was directed only towards the Allegro Resort. I love Mexico and the Mexican people.

As for people pulling scams...that's something that happens in every corner of the world, especially in our own country. I see tourists come to NYC with their guards up on extra high alert, yet I can imagine these same people going to a foreign country expecting Fantasy Island.
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