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We have plane tickets into and out of Zurich. We are thinking of taking a train to Paris and would like to stop along the way for at least one night. Any suggestions on where. We like charm and culture and cuisine so anyplaces with those attributes would be great. I have been to Paris several times but my travelling companion has never been there--so I want to see some places I've never seen while still getting to enjoy Paris. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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On the same route last Fall we stopped overnight in Basel - it was less than halfway to Paris, so the next leg was longer than that from Zurich to Basel, but it was quite nice. A steamer ride up the Rhine was memorable, and the city itself offered several nice restaurants.
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I would suggest either Strasbourg, France or Freiburg, Germany, depending on what country you want to visit. Both have outstanding cathedrals to visit and are attractive and fun cities.
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Bob Brown
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My suggestion is to stop over in Zermatt for a day, perhaps two nights. The train from Paris to Zermatt takes about 7.5 hours; from Zermatt to Rome takes all day -- 9 hours or so. <BR>But Zermatt, if the day is clear, will come provide some beautiful views. We were there on a cloudy day and still came away stunned with the views. <BR>But, one has to like mountains to do it. <BR>If you are driving, you might consider a detour into Val d'Anniviers, south of Sion. It is remote, and beautiful. <BR>
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Bob Brown
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Double OOPS scratch the above. My computer had a glitch, and I ended up replying to the wrong post. Pretend it does not exist, because it should not. <BR>
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Hi, Steve. I agree with Dan that strasbourg [ France ] & Frieburg [ Germany ] are great places to visit. Try to make a trip to these place - you will not regret it...... We were in Europe for 3.5 weeks & didnt regret AT ALL making day trips to these 2 smaller towns or cities depending on where U come from....err.. We are from Spore.. but anyway, I got these cities' info from the Fodorites too. These 2 places are quaint & equally charming... the people are also very friendly. Enjoy. <BR>

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