women traveling alone

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women traveling alone

I'm traveling to Europe for the first time and I'm flying into Frankfurt and meeting friends in Paris a few days later. I want to visit Rothenburg and then spend the next 3 days in Paris. Can anyone give me advice,I only speak English. Half of me is excited and the other half is scared. Thank you for any advice.
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I've traveled around Europe several times by myself and rarely felt concerned about my safety. People are extremely helpful to a woman traveling alone. I also speak only English. It's amazing how much you can communicate when you need to. Go and have a great time.
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Do you have any suggestions for places to stay in Paris,hostels or B&B's that you liked? Locations?
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sarah- Europe is no different in traveling alone than the US, except the people speak funny However, it's best to be aware of what Europeans dislike most about americans:
1) Americans assume everyone else should speak English. At a minimum, try to learn "Hello, excuse me... do you speak English" in the language of every country you go to.
2) Americans speak too loudly in small spaces. Try to keep your voice down to the level of other people in places like busses, restaurants, museums, etc.
3) Be polite. Americans frequently walk up to someone and just start in with "can you tell me..." or "Where is....". Europeans are a little more discreet and would prefer you open with "Hello, could you please help me..."
You may find Italians and French men more openly flirtatious with you than Americans-- that's quite normal. Don't be offended... just flirt back
Take the same precautions that you would in any large city of the US, and you'll be fine.

have a wonderful time!
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Travelling alone is great. I've taken 3 trips on my own and they get better every time. Language shouldn't be a problem, remember there are thousands of other tourists in Europe that don't speak the language of the country they're visiting OR English. You can learn a couple of basic phrases from guidebooks or get them off the Web. The worst thing about traveling alone tho is not being able to share the memories with anyone else. Be adventurous but use common sense, relax and have fun. You'll be so happy about this trip when you come home.
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I just spent a month in Greece alone and had a wonderful time. If you're nervous, I recommend the book "A journy of one's own" by Thalia Zepatos. It's full of good advice and encouragement. I found language to be a very low barrier and the people friendly. And whenever I got lonely, I wrote in my journal, paying special attention to all the bickering couples and groups I saw. "Are you hungry? Should we take the tour tomorrow morning? Blah, blah, blah." A huge advantage to travelling alone is being on your own schedule. You can eat where and when you like, move on to another town when you feel like it and not before, lay on a beach for days, or see every museum in town at breakneck speed. Enjoy doing what YOU want.
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I agree with both Jan and Cynthia. Do not miss this opportunity. Going alone will probably provide you with terrific memories. Take a journal along to record them as they happen. People you come into contact with in museums, parks, restaurants hotels in Europe will probably take you under their wing. I've travelled in Spain and Dubrovnike on my own but on the Spanish one, took a group tour to Morocco. Keep that in mind, you can go alone when and where you want but can take a tour when you arrive. It not only helps orient you, you can meet people to do things with later. About the English only, it is of course better to know at least a few phrases but just as important is to learn the European sense of manners. More formality and indirectness will be appreciated so it helps to get a book or two from the library on cultural differences for travel purposes. You WILL enjoy this!

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