wireless internet services

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wireless internet services

Does anyone know of a wireless internet service throughout Europe? We have a internet business & want to be able to check on it while we're there. We will be there over a month in Sept.
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Many Nokia cell phones have provision for optional computer modem. It doesn't matter which ISP you use, since the ISP doesn't know (or care) HOW you're actually making a connection.

Obviously this gets expensive: per minute cell phone charges, on top of the usual surcharges a US ISP would charge in europe.

It's also slow, since cell phones are optimized for voice comm- typically 14 kbs is all you can get.
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Anastasia Watkinson
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Will you be bringing a laptop? If so, you could rent a mobile phone with infrared capabilities. I use the Motorola Timeport and it works great.

Incidentally, I know this phone is available in UK and France, in the least.



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We have a casiopeia. (like palm pilot)It is suppose to be able to access the internet with a program. We didn't want to get a laptop unless we had to. Do hotels have internet access like they do here. We are staying in 1st class rated Hotels. Will we need to have any special cables or plugs?
Thanks for your help.
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Some hotels do, many don't, most travellers use cybercafes, even small towwns have them.To use a modem on a telephone inlet you will need to buy an adaptor locally (radio shack etc.), by default all modems have a US type output but you will need an cable with US at one end & local telephone at the other - around $5,
not sure if these vary in type across Europe.Additionally you will need an ISP which uses an 0800 number unless you dont mind paying & know your ISP's server is local - in Europe you are charged for local calls.Europe is currenly snowed under with AOL discs offering 10 hours free of call charges/all charges, if you can be bothered deleting out all the AOL crap later its a good deal - probably easier to pay the local callcharge.
Also you will need a suitable power cable to fit the local juice outlet, most laptops can cope with the voltage differences (check).
Probably easier to check out one of the sites listing cybercafes & check their opening times!
If taking a laptop into an airport keep it hid (thieves latch onto laptop bearers)& beware of the x-ray machine scam - dont send your bag through the machine first, you may find you are delayed by a passenger in front while another takes your laptop, instead hand it round the side with your change.
Yes, you'd think someone would make it easier for world & business travellers, perhaps there is a opportunity for another internet business here!
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Hi Frank,

I saw what you wrote about aol offering free hours including connection
charges in Europe. Any idea how to download that software for France
(Paris, to be exact)? Thanks!!

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Dr. Jack E
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Ok, here is the poop... you can go to <www.mail2web.com> and pick up your mail any place in the world. You could also select a line that says "Internet connection in 28 countries" and it would take you to.... https://support.softcomca.com/dialup/dialup.asp Many cities are covered and the charge is only $10.00 per month. If this has helped you at all, why not send some mission support to my accout at WWW.CTEN.ORG I have a few countries which desperately need my visit. Thanks again for your support. Oh about those connections to telephone lines... avoid PBX systems found in many high class Hotels... just like the US, connections vary so get a small screw driver with several heads in the handle and typical plug-in jack with two wires sticking out the back and dig in to the telephone jack. The Internet has plenty of advice on the 220v plugs of varying types throughout Europe. See Ya. Remember you can see me at WWW.CTEN.ORG

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