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Will the NASDAC's Decline & Dow's Tumble Make a Difference in Your Travel Plans?

Will the NASDAC's Decline & Dow's Tumble Make a Difference in Your Travel Plans?

Mar 13th, 2001, 01:45 PM
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Careful there, Annie - - you're making a serious run at the presidency of the Pompous Ass club. Takes one to know one, and you are increasingly showing your "posteriore rosso" on this thread! Way too many generalizations, and know-it-all attitude!

No one should have had college funds in the market for five years prior to needing the money? This might be true for a handful of people with a giant nest egg, and not much ongoing earning power. But that isn't many people. Our "main college money" comes from earning power (with appropriate life insurance protection), after that most of my peers have assets in real estate, tax-deferred retirement accounts, and then and only then, invested assets. And we were indeed counting on certain very profitable capital gains in late 2000 or sometime this year, so that we would have to spend little or none of our current income on college. But it isn't going to work out that way. It would be crazy to sell certain stocks right now - - both our winners and our losers.

And to say that the American economy has been a series of totally predictable 10-12 year cycles? Ha! If it was so foreseeable and predictable, there would have been no buyers to get the NASDAQ from (3000 or) 4000 to 5000. You think that every one of those buyers fell into the camp of people who had not "ever taken an economics course"?

Further arguing with you - - you're going to buy cheaply now? how is it that you have such a pile of uninvested - - or underinvested money - - which you don't need for the next five years - - and why have you had it sitting "on the sidelines"? Could it be that you have the smugness of one who was lucky enough (or wise enough - - maybe you deserve that) to have done some sizable liquidating over the last year?

Last of all, I suppose that you don't feel the desire to do everything for kids that comes only from actually having kids. I make money first and foremost to permit the broadest possible array of choices in life for my kids (that is not synonymous with spoiling them). If they had to earn all the money necessary to fund the educational choices they are capable of making for themselves, some of the best options would be off the table, period.

DayTrader's question has been well answered here; for a number of people who come here, this is going to make a difference, and for a number, it will not.
Mar 13th, 2001, 01:54 PM
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Mon dieu - Rex has reproduced. I can't help but think in mythology when the hydra's head was cut off and seven heads sprouted in its place.
Mar 13th, 2001, 02:37 PM
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What an interesting thread! We've gone from xxx who hates Republican policies yet has to cut down to two thirty day trips this year. Don't we all feel sorry for him? How many of you are "self-made" and how many had a "family hand up"?

I personally am a registered indepentdent and proud of it while listening to both Republicans and Democrats snake out of answering a direct questions. "Yes or No?"

And I happen to be in the same class as those who who haven't bought a new couch because they would rather travel and others who would give the tax cut money back.

What a pompous bunch!

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