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I going to Paris next week and was wondering which coat to take. Am I OK with a lined raincoat or do I need a serious winter coat? I'm sure the weather is as variable there as it is here--36 degrees one day; 66 degrees the next--so there are no absolutes, but some guidance would be welcome. Thanks.
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I am going to paris next week as well. I am not taking a Winter jacket, since I think that will be too much. I am taking a black knee length black coat. Warm enough for cooler weather but not quite warm enough for Winter. Just do some layering if you are too cold. I am not a fan of raincoats, so I am opting for a pocket size umbrella. Have a great trip.
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You need a serious FUR coat you silly girl. I understand that a
not-so-serious furcoat would be simply a "leather" coat? Or perhaps it would be known as a "fauxfur" coat.
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Yves St Laurent
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Oui! A furcoat ees soooo perfect! Liz was sooooo beautiful in Pareee. A pleasure to behold.
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Nancy, You can look good and stay warm at the same time! I would OPT OUT on the lined rain coat, however whatever you bring make it light weight (as you'll do a lot of walking and a heavy coat will wear you out) and make it BLACK, you'll fit right in! Make sure you're coat is LARGE enough to layer clothing under it. Bring a tight fitting jersey (1st layer) followed up with (2nd layer) a turtle neck or high top sweater; if you don't have a turtle neck only a scoop neck sweater bring or (3)a woolen scarf to cover your neck - the chill in their air blows right through your neck line and rests in your bones. This way you can make yourself comfortable when the weather changes and IT WILL. An Old
"Construction" dressing tip: YOU CAN ALWAYS TAKE IT OFF, BUT YOU CAN'T PUT MORE ON IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT WITH YOU. Bring a big enough light weight bag (and an umbrella) with you should you need to pull off layers. So, it won't be too heavy to carry. Don't forget your walking shoes. I know I sound like somebody's Grandma, shoot me! LOL, you're going to love Ol' Paris*
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I live in Paris and it has been really cold, in the 30's and 40's (at night sometimes less. Bring a winter coat and dont forget the gloves!
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I was in Paris this time last year and I wore a black Italian wool coat that comes to the knee, a big warm scarf,and gloves, and I took an umbrella,but only used it once! Also,comfortable boots, and warm socks..It is better to wear light things layered, otherwise when you get inside you will roast because the heat is on high and you will be all bundled up...hats aren't a bad idea either, if you like hats.(and hathair-M
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Take the mink, Dahling!
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Kelly, Thanks. You told me what I needed to know. It's cold! Gabby, Thank you too. The raincoat will probably meet with your approval. It, like most of my clothing, is black and very un-raincoat-like. I've also got the black skirt, trousers and assorted t-neck sweaters to go with it. And, yes, I'm also used to layering. We have a cold outside, heated buildings issue here too. Any other suggestions on what to take would be appreciated.
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I am Canadian and 30's and 40's still isn't very cold for me...so a winter jacket will be too warm because if the weather does warm up you will be too hot, and like someone else said it is better to be able to take something off, and if you only have a winter jacket, you won't be able to do it. But it seems like you have it under control, don't forget that ever so trendy scarf....
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We always go to France over Thanksgiving - and I generally bring a warmer coat - because we do so much outdoor walking. In the evening, you will need a hat. Every year for the last 4, it has rained at least two of the days - but Paris is wonderful even in the rain!
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Hi Nancy. I'd take a serious winter coat. The last thing you'd want in Paris is a coat that would be making irreverent comments while you're strolling down the Boulevard St-Germain. :~)

Seriously, I'd bring a very warm coat. Of course, if you bring a lighter coat, and need one that's warmer you can always buy one there.
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Well, I'm taking a couple, since I have to check my bag anyway. I'm taking one long trench coat, a short leather coat, and a dressy longish suit jacket.
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Nancy -
How about taking a serious winter coat and if it turns out to be milder, then treat yourself to a new light weight coat. The exchange rate is $1 to 7.44 francs. Great way to remember Paris no?
Just a suggestion. Enjoy Paris. I was there 3 years ago for Thanksgiving and it was freezing - ice in the fountains - but had a fun time - enjoy.

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