Where to from Rome?

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Where to from Rome?

I am planning a two week Europe trip for October 2013. Rome will be on the back end of our trip (first traveling to London-Amsterdam-Paris-Venice) and we're trying to figure out where to spend our last 3-4 days.

We were thinking Vienna - Prague or the Amalfi Coast, but we're unsure of the easiest/most cost efficient way to do one or the other.

Any other suggestions? And what is the best way to go?
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That's a lot of long-distance moving around in 2 weeks... You mention 5 places in 14 days, and yet you have 3-4 unscheduled days?? What's your itinerary in real time terms? Something like this?

Day 1. Arrive London
Day 2. London
Day 3. London
Day 4. Fly to Amsterdam
Day 5. Amsterdam
Day 6. Train to Paris
Day 7. Paris
Day 8. Paris
Day 9. Fly to Venice
Day 10. Venice
Day 11. Venice
Day 12. Train to Rome (or elsewhere)
Day 13. Rome/elsewhere
Day 14. Rome (or get from elsewhere to Rome)
Day 15. Depart for home

Even if you don't want to spend any time in Rome, you need to be there the night before your departing flight.
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Wow... I agree that you are covering an awful lot of territory in two weeks. I'd use the extra nights by adding time to the places you are already visiting, otherwise you will spend more time traveling than enjoying each city. If that's not possible, just add the days to Rome.
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Either add those days to the places you already plan to visit, or cut out a few places. You can't really add anything on to this itinerary, as it's already jam packed. Apparently you haven't figured in the traveling time between countries/cities, which can eat up a half-day to full day each time you do it. So there go five days of your 14-day trip already.
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I strongly agree with the two comments above. Enough! (or already too much...)
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Whoops, I need to clarify, so sorry this is my first time on the forum! My boyfriend and I are going with companions for 10 days, then they are departing and we plan to stay on for a few more days. Here is our draft itinerary:

Oct 11 Arrive London

Oct 12 London

Oct 13 morning train to Amsterdam

Oct 14 Amsterdam

Oct 15 Paris

Oct 16 Paris, night train to Venice

Oct 17 Venice

Oct 18 morning train to Rome

Oct 19 Rome

Oct 20 Companions depart from Rome

Oct 20-24 ???

If it is too much, where would you suggest we stay longer and what is worth cutting out? Two of the four of us going have never been to Europe, so we were trying to experience as much as possible, but maybe we're being overzealous.

I appreciate your advice. Thanks so much!
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Stay in Rome; that way you'll at least "experience" one of your destinations. If you just hate to stop moving, I'd go with the AC thought, or Florence.
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yes, Jenn, I'd stay in Rome.

you will appreciate it even more after the break-neck pace at which you've been seeing everywhere else!
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"... maybe we're being overzealous." IMO, yes. Only one full day in London, both Paris days impacted by arrival and departure, only one full day Venice... You're not going to see much anywhere, so you'll need to plan your sightseeing priorities very carefully. Make entry reservations wherever possible.

If you and your travel companions are willing to consider dropping anything, think again about Amsterdam. It's a lovely destination, but the travel involved is a time-eater considering you'll only be there one day. About 5 hours London-Amsterdam and 3.5 hours Amsterdam-Paris.

I don't think your limited, unscheduled days are best spent making yet another journey to (and from) Vienna, Prague or even necessarily the Amalfi Coast (at that time of year). You could easily spend those days in Rome. There are many day-trip options from the city. If you absolutely have to include another destination, I'd stay close. Florence, perhaps. Or, if you're willing to rent a car, you could wander around the small towns of Tuscany.
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Well, since you asked if it is overzealous, the answer is yes! Is this with an organized tour, or are you doing this independently? Remember that each time you change locations you'll lose a minimum of a half day to travel.

First question to ask yourself is what do you actually want to see and do in each of these locations? You really only have one day in each city and most folks have at least three days worth of "must sees" in each city. For example, in Paris, you probably want to see the Eiffel Tower, arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Versailles, and the Musee d'Orsay. That's at least three days right there, and that's not even including the hundreds of other great sites in the wonderful City of Lights.

You'll also want some time to wander backstreets and make your own discoveries. And remember that a big part of experiencing Europe is eating new foods and enjoying a glass of wine or cup of coffee in an outdoor cafe. Allow yourself some time to linger over meals and get the "feel" of each city rather than race from place to place.

In ten days, I'd suggest only two locations, and in two weeks three locations. Each of the cities are fabulous in their own way... only you can decide which are the most appealing to you.
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JennJohns87 -

A bare, BARE, minimum should be AT LEAST 3 full days on the ground (from waking up to going to sleep for the night) in any of those cities.

Do what you need to (cut destinations and/or add days) to your itinerary to meet that minimum threshold. London, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice and Rome are all worthwhile destinations so whatever you end up keeping will make for a wonderful trip.

There is ALWAYS a next time (assuming here you are not in your late 90's and in deteriorating health).

Many people THINK their first trip to Europe they are planning will be their last for a while for various reasons (newborn kids & costs are common thoughts) but sure enough after they go for the first time they've caught the bug and end up taking their 1 y/o or toddler, they cut back elsewhere and excitedly plan how to go back, or their income/savings grow the older they get (most people's do).
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