Where to begin ?

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Where to begin ?

I am planning to visit England(London and Liverpool are my main destinations) but I am not sure how to get started ! I would like advice on any great tour packges .I plan to go late summer/fall of 2016. I would like a tour package that is at a slow pace so I get a chance to really enjoy all that I see and visit. Other suggestions are also welcome ! Thanks so much !!!
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How long do you have for this trip and what party size and ages? Any mobility problems? By their nature, tours don't move at a slow pace and usually involve early starts.

With a bit more info you could plan your own trip.
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look for flights that fly into Manchester and out of London (or vice versa) (known as multi city)


travel between Liverpool and London by train http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/

book hotels or b&bs -

job done.
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You have lots of time to think about your trip. Are you firmly committed to a package tour? Most tend to cover a lot of ground quickly as people want to see as much as possible in as short a time as possible....

Visit your local travel agent and pick up brochures for England. This will give you an idea of the places people want to visit. Get a good guide book with lots of pictures. The Insight Guide to England is probably a good beginning. You can also get a kindle version.

There is also DK Eyewitness Guide to Great Britain but this also covers Scotland and Wales.

How long are you planning to spend in England. Would you consider hiring a car - this would get you into places not well served by public transport.

What sort of things are you hoping to do/see while you are here? What are your interests?

Some of the best trips we've done are those when we have done all the planning and gone it alone.
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You're not going to find much encouragement here for using tours to visit an English-speaking country with a decent public transport system. You don't sound as if you've got problems in English, so most of us will be scratching our heads wondering why you think you need a tour

And I doubt anyone does actually organise tours concentrating on London and Liverpool.

What this forum does (usually really well) is help people organise their own holidays. A few minutes' browsing here will give you a huge amount of information to organise a trip to London: Liverpool's a bit trickier, because you don't say why it's your priority.

If its's football: Everton or the parvenues on the other side of the Park? If it's outstanding architecture: what's your preferred period? If it's golf or horseracing: playing or watching? If it's music: modern stuff, the groups we all watched in our youth before they moved South, or the region's outstanding symphony orchestras?

I don't think any tours are much use for this. Ask away and lots of us will be happy to help. We are a bit tour-phobic round here - but if you've got a problem (mobility for example, or wanting travelling companions) many of us will have ideas for that too.
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Why tour? You speak English. Most Britons speak a variant of English and far more understandable in London and Liverpool than in Glasgow or Dublin or Belfast or the Antipodes. If you are Canadian or American, there is no country across any ocean easier to navigate than the UK.
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Plan the trip yourself! It would be a great introduction to travel as you will be in an English-speaking country! Is it that you will be by yourself and more comfortable travelling with a group? If so, I get that. Go to a tour website and plug in your dates and length and England and see what comes up. Then narrow it down to several bus tours and see if you can find reviews on-line.

If the issue is not wanting to travel with a pack then do consider doing it yourself. Read up on books like fodors/frommers/Rick Steves and look at the two cities and what is inbetween. If you don't want to rent a car, check out the trains between the cities and what is in between.
I find the research and planning is half the fun! Good luck!
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It's very unlikely that you will find a slow paced tour focusing on just these 2 places. Most tours would give you 2 days in London (although you could come earlier yourself) and 1 day (if any) in Liverpool.

There are companies that do packages versus tours. Gate 1 is one well known one. They will make arrangements per your specific needs but you don;t travel with a group - just yourself or your family/party. Not sure if they do Liverpool - but you could look at their web site and see if they do.

I believe they will arrange air travel, hotels (but you pick which you want at different prices) transfers to/fro airports and can arrange local tours if you want.

Agree with people above that you can easily do this yourself - but a package company is something you might want to look into if you are hesitant to go without help.
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