Where are you--this very second?

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Hi everyone, I am at home in very rural south western Australia - it is 3 in the afternoon and I, too, have a garden very much in need of weeding!! We are in the midst of what has been a cold wet winter and there are snow clouds rolling in at present. I love this Forum and check it at least twice a day.
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I'm at home in Long Beach Ca in my Living room. When I seperated and subsequently divioced my ex took the living room furnature and I don't need both a living room and a den so I moved my office to the living room where I can look out to the street and my weeds(oops I mean lawn), see my TV and fireplace. I am in the computer industry designing databases for internet sites and teach Oracle software on Saturdays. I'm getting ready for my trip to Portugal and Spain in 11 days. I'm taking my sister whos never been out of the country with me(it will be great to see her response to the different cultures old buildings, history etc. I get on the forum for a short whild when I arrive in my office early am and usually eat my lunch at my desk(got to save money for travel) while jumping on to the lounge. You people are great, I've picked up a lot of good information for my trips here. Don't have much of a garden but am planning to replant a bed of flowers this fall. Counting down the days now until my trip.
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Where am I? In the bedroom where my computer is, on the west coast of Canada. I don't work at home and don't email from work.

Ahead of me are two lovely, simple watercolours, each of a sailboat. Around the room hang a Masai necklace, a large painting of lionesses, a calendar of watercolours and, above my printers, two small opera posters. Apart from items brought back from travels are a model ship, sextant, hourglass, hibiscus plant that was a gift and won't quit blooming, a huge basket which sits on my favourite mostly-dusky-green rug beneath a small desk, and a couple of wonderful old family photos. Travel books too of course. I have no radio on as I love silence. Normally I could see the ocean if I looked to my side out the window, but since it's dark I can only see twinkly lights across the water and the lights of a small cruise ship just leaving. Above is the Big Dipper.

Interesting to read where people are. Al's ranch, for instance, sounds great.
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At this very moment i am sitting at computer no.4 in an Internet Cafe on Soi 10, Second Road, Pattaya, Thailand and local time is 15.34.
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I'm sitting in the office I share with 2 Spanish girls and 2 German guys, in Erding, Germany (outside of Munich). Not a very exciting office, but we do have floor to ceiling windows that look into a tiny courtyard. German law says there have to be windows! The Germans are gone and the girls are yapping in espanol.
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The Phantom
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I'm sitting at a 'hotdesk' in the office
of my 'Base' in the North of England.
I've been at my base for over four weeks
& am still waiting for someone to give
me something to do. I keep chasing the
guy responsible up but it's always 'I'll
see you next week/month/millenium'.
So I do nothing all day but surf the Net
for which I receive a handsome salary !
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I am at my desk in my grey cube at work in suburban Louisville, KY. My professional looking framed certificates/diplomas are on my wall, and there is a gorgeous rose on my desk from my retired husband's garden (also needs weeding, but he is busy building me a portico over the back stoop). I'm called an "executive assistant" and am eleven months from retirement. We have a trip scheduled to Israel with a group from our church in February, and I am busy planning a month in Great Britain next September as a retirement gift to myself. I love this forum.
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I am on the top of a mountain in southern New Hampshire; I work at a rehabilitation center for disabled children and young adults. The view is full-circle of the Wapack Range and others whose names I don't know. It's very green, with tinges of orange and yellow, and I'm wondering if peak foliage will be very early this year or not at all...
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At the computer desk which was moved to our bedroom several years ago, when the "office" became a bedroom for visiting grandchildren. I envy all of you with mountain views, but today our Alabama backyard view is so pretty, thanks to my husband's persistent watering (we have had practically no rain in west Alabama this summer). The hummngbirds are having a fine time, chasing each other in and out of the flowers and about the feeders. We have photographs, too--our group of eight friends at the Eiffel Tower, the view of the Ligurian Sea from out terrace in Monterosso, Venice canals, and of course the grandchildren! We are in high excitement about our upcoming trip (same bunch of friends, plus a new couple) to Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich in October, and I have printed so much Fodor's Forum advice that I had to replace my printer cartridge last week.

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Enjoying this thread very much...
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This is a GREAT thread

I'm sitting at my desk in my office in a western Chicago suburb listening to the crickets saw away as we head towards thunderstorms this afternoon. I can see tree tops, but fortunately not the weedy garden...

This "office" is also the guest bedroom soooooo... I'm enjoying my last few days here. On Thursday I pick up our Macedonian "son" at the airport. He will be living with us this year as he attends a nearby college. So I don't think of it as losing an office, but as gaining a son [And I need fast advice on how to keep a tall 18 year old FED.]
When we get the line in the livingroom I will be reporting in from a corner there No window... so the garden may never get weeded

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I am sitting at my computer which is in the bedroom. I live in Central London in a block of flats just north of Swiss Cottage and about 1/4 mile from Hampstead Village for those who know London. I can see the rear garden which is always very colourful in summer. Today has been warm and sunny and as I have just retired from my job in local government I am making the most of the summer. Today I went to Somerset House to see the new Gilbert collection of mosaics and silver given to the nation by a philanthropist after whom the collection is named. It is truly magnificent and there was so much to take in I will pay another visit. As I write I am listening to the news on the radio. I am enjoying this thread enormously; it illustrates perfectly all our different lifestyles.
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Anniel, I once lived in Hampstead Garden Suburb, so close to you (check out a close called Wild Hatch). And I recently visited the new Gilbert Collection also, and think, as I'm sure you do, that it should be included on a must-see list for London visitors. When I started this thread I knew it would take a life of its own. The connections and the differences among us are all so interesting, and we are, I think, a lovely group of travelers indeed. It gives texture to our postings to picture us sitting all over the world, sharing our thoughts in specific suroundings. Keep it coming....
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Right now it is a beautiful,sunny day here in coastal maine and I am at the computer emailing grad school professor before school starts. I have a lovely office in our home where I can hide and get on fodors without having to share a computer. We now have 5 networked computers in our house to shut everyone up.I am on my way out to do some weeding and daydream about my fantasy garden.This thread is a fun change of pace.
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I'm in our office at home which is our spare bedroom, it looks like it'll storm any minute outside. Next to the computer are three guidebooks for our upcoming trip to France, Belgium, and Holland. I'm sitting on a hard dining room chair, while next to me on the nice office chair is my friend's cat "Winkelfritz" who is giving herself a bath. We've been taking care of her for the past 2 months. She is 16 so she needs to be pampered.
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I'm at work at my office in Alabama. I'm tired and I'm going home. My teeth hurt from a rather brutal cleaning today. It's only Tuesday. I feel entitled to check this forum at this point in order to "escape" back to Europe if only for a few minutes. At home, I need to cook dinner and do some yard work for the sun sets. I work, work, work....so we can travel again soon, back to Paris, back to Grasmere, back to Bath, ........ Life is good.
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betty ford
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Am posting from my home office in suburban Philadelphia. The deer have eaten my perennial garden so I'm not bothering to weed. As a Fodors addict, I will not use my real screen name.
I was truly amazed so many folks have home offices (should we have one holiday office party?). With windows opened, I am looking at our weeping willow from a 2nd floor room (which formerly was our daughter's study). I can hear our neighbor's little son, Henry, squealing with delight as his Dad pushes him on the new swings. I used to have piles of travel info on my desk, but found it too distracting. My husband and I will travel to Montreal and Quebec City next week (and pretend we are in France). I am very envious of folks who work in a cottage or loft not connected to their home. Our lawn is green for the first time I can recall in the month of August.
My fax is calling...this is a great thread!
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working girl
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I am sitting in a gray cubicle at work (major telecom company) - a Dilbert world to be sure. But to brighten my tiny area, I have 2 small prints from Paris (view down the Champs D'Elsee of the Arc D'Triomphe and a view of the Seine showing Eiffel Tower). And of course, my montly calendar from Ireland - this month is an exquisite scene of Kerry County.

I'm in Dallas, Texas and it's damn hot outside.
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Grey seems the "in" color for people in offices doesn't it? My office (12th floor of a builing in Saudi Arabia) is also "done out" in varying shades of grey, however, the entire right wall (around 25 ft x 17 ft) is glass which totally aleviates any "office" feeling. I look out over a stupendously beautiful mosque, the architecture, massive volume of stained glass incorporating gold and black calligraphy and the tall minaret coated in silver which gleams in the bright sunlight is truly a sight to behold. Beyond the mosque is a 2 miles belt of lush green trees (amazing when you consider the climate - 121 degrees yesterday and today, 7.23am, already 103 - thankfully, my office also has extremely good air conditioning!). Looking beyond the trees is the beige bleakness of the desert which eventually merges with the pale blue sky. However, today is Wednesday which means our weekend starts at 4pm this afternoon, therefore, next couple of days will find me, not in the office, but hopefully, sailing or scuba diving.

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