Where are you--this very second?

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I am at work in Chicago ... using this forum to plan a week-long getaway to Florence for late October and thinking all of my friends and family will be happy to get Italian Christmas presents this year. (Last year they were given German and Austrian gifts and were pretty pleased!) Ciao!
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Goodness but a lot of us are on this Forum at work, aren't we?? I too post regularly but do not want to give away my office identity -- you never know who is lurking out there! Let's just say it's a large educational institution in the west.
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sitting at my desk doing alittle day dreaming thinking how wonderful it is travel. I leave in two weeks for my annual visit to France (my 10th trip). I'm checking other's experiences checking for additional information...this a hobby ...a compulsion...but a fun one. Travel like all of us ...stays on my mine...a continue to day dream when I have time.
I check the forum preparing me for this trip and my next.
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Hi Anne...
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Hi all, I am in Alpharetta,Ga(Atlanta suburb) sitting in the great room. CNBC is on , and I all I can think about is where I will be going next, thanks to you, my fellow travelers! I go to this site at least twice a day, and I dream...... British Fodorites, HI!And they(who?) say the sex sites are addictive,,,,this has it all over them any day!!!!!Boy, you can tell I am getting old!
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Hi! I’m at home now. Saw this thread earlier from work but wasn’t in an inspired mood to reply. I’m from New Jersey and we’re finally having some good weather. It’s warm and dry, this morning was idyllically cool. What a relief after the rainy summer we’ve had. I’m in my den with my travel books at hand and a huge Shaker basket full of travel reading material. I’m alternately reading Fodor’s, working on my Italy trip report from April and planning next summer’s trip to Germany while gathering inspiration from a framed print, above my computer, of Claude Monet in his clown suit that I bought at the Musée de l’Orangerie. As I look around my home I sigh nostalgically as I see all the things that remind me of other trips. I don’t have a garden (unfortunately) so I don’t have to feel guilty about not weeding it but I have geraniums and non-stop begonias and herbs on my deck and the geraniums are reblooming after all the rain repeatedly wiped them out.

Best to all,


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Adrienne, Sometimes a garden is a blessing and sometimes it's a curse! Right now, I'd trade mine for your begonias! There's a little cutie out there called Santa Barbara daisy that is about as invaisive as they get! Going to have to go after it soon, meanwhile I'm thinking about Ireland next month and Northern England the next year. This is a fun thread. I like picturing all of us in various locations. I often wonder what the average age of Fodor's posters is. The few I've come to know personally are mid 50s--just about where I am. Any thoughts?
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Posting from home-office (wow, a lot of us work from home!), which is really cluttered. Son just spilled water on my mouse -- hope it still works. Office is terribly cluttered as I hate to file stuff. I cleaned it for the Millenium, but hey, it's August, and it needs another good overhaul. Perennial garden is also very weedy, but Suburban D.C. has been very wet and the mosquitos eat me alive whenever I go out. Tough summer!
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Hi...I am sitting at my desk in Dover, Delaware...the capitol of the first state. It has been an absolutely glorius day with low humidity, low temperatures, and beautiful blue sky. I hope it is likewise for everyone wherever you are.
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I am sitting at my desk in my office in Hollywood CA. Looking out at the fantastic stucco wall which blocks out any sunlight or what otherwise would be a stunning view of the Hollywood hills. I am calculating the number of working days, (30 as of this moment) and how many working hours (240, incase you are interested) until we leave on vacation to Greece. I have lots of travel photos stuck all over my cube, mostly of my good looking husband!
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It's 60-mile visibility today out here at the ranch, with great cumulus clouds making like fists as they roll toward us, bringing the promise of needed rain.
We had a sizeable fire up on the mountain this past week, but lots of hard work by the fighters and a provident rain one evening helped put it out, leaving only the smell of pine smoke trailing into the valley. Going to have a gorgeous sunset this evening, judging by the clouds and the blue patches of sky.
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I work self-employed at home (or is that I live at work) one day (and a few nights) a week, and in an office (for another, rather more tolerant, employer) the rest of the time. Today’s a home day, except a contractor is presently turning our old bathroom into something more fitting the 20th century (oops), so instead of productive, i.e., compensated, work, I’ve been schlepping off to the plumbing supply shop periodically to hear the newest excuse and listen to the most recent clever work-around solution to the missing (oh, it’s somewhere around here but just look at this mess) – flange extending-O ring riser reducer junction valve murgh biryani bit. With raita and some popadums please. But I digress.

The home office is in the “daylight basement” of our old house (with missing bathroom) in Seattle, about a mile north of the University of Washington. The room was a former “knotty pine” paneled “den” from the 1950s (the house is 90 years old), but I much prefer the former name of such spaces, “rumpus room.” Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to what a rumpus is.

We converted the room a few years ago to be our son’s world headquarters, but when he moved on to his own place (in LA) a couple of years ago I colonized it as my office; my wife’s home office (which she uses 6 days a week) is two flights up. Fortunately we’ve networked our computers to a cable modem so both of us have zippity connections out. I have a DSL line at my other office, so speed is not usually an issue, only time management. Oh, the guilt.

Today has been a lovely almost-end-of-summer day here, blue skies and Mt. Rainier looming above everything, looking positively volcanic, which fits. If it ever erupts (statistically a certainty) we’ll be glad we’re not in Tacoma, which is downstream of a couple of rivers fed by glaciers on Tahoma, the native name for the mountain.

My office is a mess because we just returned from a week in the Canadian Rockies (fortunately not fire-engulfed like Montana) and once again noted that the UN did the right thing in naming Banff, Jasper, Yoho, et al. National Parks as world heritage sites. Wanna feel small? No worries. Saw bears, elk, moose, deer, sheep, goats, eagles, and two friends we haven’t seen in years, who happened to be in the next cabin. Odds less than winning the pools AND being struck by lightning while being interviewed by Larry King. I know, this is the Europe forum, but it’s the end of the day and I’m actively avoiding the half-finished proposal residing on the window below this one.

And I’ve skived off another half hour composing this, refer to time management, above.
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I'm sitting in my typically tiny Manhattan apartment, where my "home office" shares the room with the living room, dining room, and kitchen (sort of). It's after-hours now, but I also work at home. The view to my right from a 4'x 8', ninth-floor window, is of a large brick buildign covered with scaffolding, waiting for the no-longer-on-strike Bell Atlantic construction crew to return. It's not as bad as it sounds; there's a street between me and the building. And my bedroom window has a view that extends out to a slice of the East River. The weather is wonderful, cooler than usual and not humid. Sometimes I wish I had a garden, despite the weeding (mostly so I could grow tomatoes and herbs), but no; I do need to water the houseplants, though!
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Hi, everyone! I am in our office/second bedroom. I can see out the back door to the small garden where this Iowa summer has made the tomato plants go beserk. Need a basketfull, anyone? I found this site when I was planning my first overseas trip to England/Wales, and I've checked in every day since! Have a good one, all!
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At this very moment I am in my hotel room in Downers Grove, a "village" in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Not a bad place to be at this time of year; just hope to avoid the winter here. I have been working in this area for about 6 weeks. Tomorrow will be my last work day for 2 1/2 weeks. I will be flying home (northern Alabama). Then, my wife and I will be leaving Saturday for Manchester, England, whence we will drive northwest to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland for two weeks.
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Lola-Here I am - in the Ozark Mountains, sitting at my computer desk-which is actually an old wooden postmasters desk from our local post office. Our home is mostly furnished with old family pieces so when my boys wanted a computer several years ago I just couldnt't see something ultra sleek fitting in. Found this piece at a local flea market and it has worked perfectly for years now. I just couldnt' resist responding to this thread - not only are so many of us enamored with travel but so many gardners on this post!!! I just finished my Master Gardener Training this spring and I am having a great time with volunteer hours. As for the music I am currently listening to - Something ??? that my 16 has chosen for tonights homework.
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For the past 8 months I have researched England and watched this forum. For preparation for mine and my daughter's trip, leaving in 5 days. We are from the beautiful Pacific Northwest,Oregon,living in small communities. What a wealth of knowledge and fun this site has been. How anyone can go on a trip without reading and investigating is beyond me. I know this trip will be everything I have hoped for, during the past 30 yrs. And, I am not that old yet either, in my 50s. Thank you, to all of you who post here.
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I'm sitting at my pc and looking out a
french door to the perennial garden my
husband is presently weeding....or is
it the weed husbanding the garden....
in any case, he is, I'm not.
We've been back from Tuscany, Alsace,
and the Pfalz for a month now so the
Fodor Addiction is not quite as urgent;
however, we are formulating preliminary
plans for our next foray abroad - may be
to Basque country or the southwest of
France. In the meantime it's very nice
here in this calm green oasis that is
Vancouver, Canada!
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no name
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Discussion board hell, apparently
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I'm sitting in the study of our home in an apartment building in HongKong. The tack board on the wall has cards of some of the hotels/ B&Bs we loved in Europe - La Fenice, Pod Roza, Pensione Nonntal,Hotel Jolanda and some bits of wrapping paper from ceramics and other souviners. One has 'Vietri in Amalfi' written on it and another has a picutre of the castle in Hiedelberg...

Well, the view from the window comprises a few trees and the some other apartment buildings! But down the hall is the spectacular view of the HongKong harbour. I can hear my 3 month old daughter at the back who has just learnt to roll over. Quit my job about 4 months ago and am at home full time for the first time in a long, long time. Visitng this forum everyday really helps.

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