what's with microfiber?

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what's with microfiber?

I'm shopping for a few articles of clothing for traveling to Paris and Italy. I'm seeing alot of shirts, pants and jackets made out of something called microfiber. It's polyester mostly, not my favorite and I'm wondering if it creates major static.
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I had a pair of microfiber slacks a year or so ago. I didn't have problems with static, but I didn't think they wore well. They started having bald patches around the creases and edges of the material. I doubt if I every buy any again.
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I bought a couple of microfiber travel blazers and pants (for women) from LL Bean, and have been delighted with them. I've used for trips to Paris and London in the fall and spring, and they are perfect weight. They pack beautifully and don't wrinkle. They look much nicer than than most polyester, which I don't like, either.
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I despise microfiber! It doesn't breathe and I end up feeling clammy in the stuff. Took a pair of microfiber slacks to Europe that I bought at Macy's. They went right into the Goodwill bag when I returned home. Just one person's opinion.
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The best rain jacket I ever had was a little black micro fiber jacket. Water rolled off of it, it was as light as a feather. You could wipe it clean.
I loooove microfiber!
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I'm with Beth - obviously some people are perfectly comfortable wearing the stuff - but for me, it's like spending your vacation in a hefty bag - no nice way to say this...makes me sweat like crazy and then the clothes reek...
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All microfibers are not created equal. I think you will find the travel clothing from places like LL Bean, Travelsmith, etc, are wonderful, even in hot weather, while some of the department store stuff is not so good.
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I thought microfiber was going to be the answer to my all-season travels to France, but the jacket I bought made me feel as though I was walking in a sauna. I don't get cold easily to begin with, but wearing this jacket even on crisp November days made me sweat buckets, which I hate - I'd rather be jacket-less and cold. It didn't wrinkle, but I'm not a wrinkle freak so that didn't make much difference to me. It also showed signs of wearing thin after just a couple of weeks of wear, which made me a bit dubious about its durability. It was also fairly expensive, given the results I had with it.
I don't know about static - that never figured into my fashion equation.
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I agree with Betsy. Maybe there are different qualities of microfiber, but in my experience with two manufacturers and two different articles of clothing, I don't like it. When the weather is hot it makes me sweat and when the weather is cold I freeze.
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I have a BS in textiles so have studied this a little (although I work in a different field now) -- microfiber is the name of a technology for polyester, by definition. Some articles may includes a slight percentage of another fiber for durability, but I've only seen that with those travel towels (they have a little nylon). I don't really understand those towels but don't need one, so it's kind of moot--polyester is water repellant by definition, and microfiber refers to the technology which makes very very fine filament threads which are even denser so they are even more water repellant, so I don't see how a towel can be made of it to absorb water.

In any case, it is good for water-resistance and avoiding wrinkles, but I agree, somewhat uncomfortable because it cannot breathe and gets hot. It is lightweight and washes and dries quickly. I don't think there is much difference in the quality if the microfiber itself because it is a brand name for a technology of the fiber--perhaps construction of a garment will differ and if the manufacturer blends it with something, but I agree it's always hot IMO by definition because it is synthetic and has no breathability.
It does have a nicer feel than regular polyester because the filaments are so fine.

I think it is great for waterproof outergarments and underwear, but not much else because it doesn't breathe. It is not a major static-producer that I've noticed, but polyester is subject to that a little more than natural fibers -- nylon and acrylic are much worst for static, though.
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Microfiber is just a fancy new name for polyester. Same advantages and disadvantages.
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