What's the best thing to bring back?

Old Feb 22nd, 2001, 03:38 PM
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What's the best thing to bring back?

I'm going to Europe for the first time (Paris)and who knows if it is the last? I'd like some advice on the BEST trinkets, perfume, art, whatever to bring back so I never forget the trip! Thanks so much to you frequent travellers!
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I would like to know where to get shoes (like the ones I see in stores here for $150 or so and say Paris on them (only I hope they are less there). Would the Bon Marche be a good place to start?
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Firstly, check out the "tread" you see at http://www.fodors.com/community/ (opening page) regarding perfumes, bath products, make-up and all good girley things.

I buy all my shirts in a little boutique in the Shopping Centre over Montparnasse Metro (Blanc ??? - you can't miss it, it's close to the C&A department store) and "Big Ben on Rue Frans Bourgois in the Marais.

For expensive and unique perfurm, visit Annick Goutal on Rue Castiglione in the 1st Arr. (to die for ...)

Visit the flea markets (do a search on the topic on this site to get more specific information - in the search box try "paris markets") for some interesting trinkets.

Pick up some posters and large postcards in the Museum shops (Louvre & D'Orsay in particular) and have them framed when you get home.

Visit Chanel on Rue Cambon (sales staff are really lovely) and at least buy a lipstick so you can get one of the little bags - better still, have a full free makeover, buy all the makeup and get it tax free and, taking advantage of your strong dollar, get a Chanel face for about 30 - 40% less than at Bloomingdales. Looking TOTALLY beautiful, have lunch ......

There are some interesting costume jewellerly strores in the area between Rue Cambon & Rue Castiglione (wander)in the area around Rue St. Honere (stuff you will never find in the US). The Rue St. Honere has some of the best stores in Paris.

When you are totally exhausted from your day of shopping (depending on the weather) walk north toward L'Opera, pull up a chair at a cafe and have yourself a nice glass of Sancerre.

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Buy some sidewalk art in Montemarte. We bought a couple of inexpensive small paintings and had them framed by expert framer. They look great!
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I know this sounds silly, but I still use the Paris souvenir dish towels I bought at La Samaritaine department store, AND the wine bottle, baguette, and brie cheese refrigerator magnets AND the little gold Eiffel Tower key ring I bought from a souvenir seller on the Left Bank stalls on the Seine. Believe me, Michele, these little things that you use every day will always remind you of the wonderful time you had in Paree!
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My fav is still the used metro ticket that I keep in the pocket of my rain coat (remembering to remove it when it gets laundered!)
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On my last trip to Paris, I bought creme brulee dishes at Samarataine. They are one of my favorite things in my kitchen. Ever since I bought them, I make creme brulee regularly. Everytime I use them, it takes me back to Paris. I also buy the French soap, canned pate, wine, and anything else that strikes me at the moment. I have never bought anything that I regretted later, but I sure have regretted not picking up a few additional items.
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I love those French imitation tapestries. I have two and have run out of wall space, so I don't think I will be buying anymore. I do not buy the rods overseas because they are hard to transport. There is a catalogue you can buy them from in this country. There is also, fortunately, a store near me that sells them.

One thing about the tapestries: You can fold them up and they do not break. I can't tell you how many fragile items I have transported. Except for an inexpensive marionette bought in Germany, they all made it back OK. Pottery items should be hand carried on the airplane and are a total pain--but I love my bowl from Sorrento that hangs on my dining room wall.
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This isn't about paris but generally. We saved all the brochures, maps, tickets and bought photo books and mailed them home. We didn't have to lug them around, they arrived after we got home and we got to discover them. When I put together our photo album I put in clear pocket pages and inserted these treasures in with our photos! Have Fun!
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The iron crepe pan we brought back certainly looked interesting on the airport's x-ray screen!
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The absolutely best thing to bring back is memories!
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Whenever we travel we bring back a watercolor or oil,etc. and a Christmas ornament from each country--so much fun to put up our tree each year--great memories.
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Been there and am going again. know how you feel. I bought shoes and some clothes that I required only. Very very expensive. But Photos are the best for memories!!.NOthing cheap or worth the effort to drag around. Small items would be OK.

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