I need help!!!

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I need help!!!

Will a UK Ford Galaxy Van hold me, my husband, my two kids and our 4 BIG suitcases? Do the back seats (way back) come out or fold down? Any experience driving this vehicle in UK?
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Don't know for sure if the rear seat folds down (I think it does, but don't remember for sure), but it will certainly hold your family and their luggage, with just a little bit of effort in arranging the bags.
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It will hold you fine. But just to put a bee in your bonnet, why does each of you need a BIG suitcase? We travel for 5-6 weeks a year in Europe (2 adults, 2 kis now aged 10 and 13) with a small roller carry-on each. Schlepping luggage is one of the big negatives of traveling. Do you really need all the stuff you're planning to take - likely, not...
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We are not experienced travelers - we don't know how to pack light. Even though we probably won't wear half the things we lug around with us. But we bring things "just in case".

We won't be hauling the cases too often. Usually just from the car to our room and back. And as far as I know, we are either on a ground floor or there are lifts where we are staying.

We would like to travel light - but we just can't do it. We need luggage "therapy."
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I experienced excellent luggage therapy right here on the forum: Several days or weeks before you leave, pack your suitcase just as you intend to on your trip. Then carry it around your own block about three times. You may want to take it to your local mall and climb stairs, haul it in and out of your car and use the escalator to approximate your trip conditions.

Another lesson I learned here is to pack your suitcase and then take half of what you packed out and leave it at home. You really can buy the essentials in the UK.

I have learned over the years that whatever I pack, it'll be the wrong thing, so it doesn't matter anymore!
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The Galaxy van will hold all the stuff you need - - with or without luggage therapy - - but NOT in big suitcases.

Follow my three rules of packing, and you can still take a lot of stuff, and you will thank me (and all the others who will tell you the same thing here).

1. For each individual, your BIGGEST bag should be a 21 inch rollaboard - - the kind that is legal to take on the plane with you (you can check it if you insist, but with this plan, you probably won't have to). It should weigh no more than eight pounds when empty.

2. Each individual can have (preferably only) one (but could be two) additional bag(s), but it (they) should weight no more than eight OUNCES (each) when empty. This means a nylon duffel bag, or lightweight backpack, or anything that is totally deformable.

3. Once packed, each individual should perform the following test. Carry EVERYthing you are taking up ONE flight of stairs, without touching the handrail or walls in any way. Repeat going down stairs. Now do it again, going as fast as you can (whether you touch the walls or not). Ask yourself if you have too much stuff after this test.

Unless the four of you combined weigh more than 900 pounds (before luggage), you will be fine in the Galaxy van if you follow these rules - - even if you DO take TONS of "stuff".

Best wishes,


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