what to wear?

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what to wear?

i am headed to paris in early april. what are the women there wearing these days? thanks!
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topping because I'm always interested in the same thing. It's nice to feel like you blend in.
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Burkhas. Only burkhas. All the time. Parisian women got so tired of being hit on that they decided to put an end to all this tantalizing "fashion" nonsense, plus their extra burkhas are useful as duvet covers.

If you can't find one to your liking in the US, visit the big Burkha department at Printemps. In early April you might need a lined one - the goat hair model "burkha chev-chev" is especially popular.
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Topping for serious replies...
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dark colors, sleek pants (not capris), below-knee skirts, shawls/ponchos<-lightweight woolens not green rain tarps, fitted coats, slanted heels, tiny twin sweater sets, flat purses and tiny leather backpacks. Baggy seems to be out, tailored is in.
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I was in Pais last spring and noticed that dark colors were worn and there wasn't that "grungy" thing going on like you might see here in the U.S. (with the baggy pants and hip-huggers, bellys hanging out and messy hair).
The shoes then seemed to be more squared and almost lifted up at the toes. I thought I came across someone on this site that women in Paris are wearing shoes that are pointed. Is this so? And I have one other crazy Q
I know...What is a Burkhas?
Old Feb 22nd, 2002, 10:41 AM
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A burqa is the not-very-revealing garment that Afghan women were strongly encouraged to wear under the previous regime.

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