What to bring back from Spain?

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Gloria-- yeah, the only thing better than travel is shopping while on travel <BR> <BR>I tried the site and it comes out OK. Make sure to copy and paste witout the period at the end. <BR> <BR>http://www.ribernet.es/Hotel_almazara/
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<BR>Gloria and Sharon, <BR> <BR> If I had only stated that these swords were of poor quality without any specific knowledge in this topic, I would certainly have been guilty of dishonesty. But I never "stated" nothing nor said that my opinion was "of greater importance". <BR> <BR>Instead, I gave an information I had received and that seemed to me at the same time reliable enough (the source being a friend of mine who collected swords) and interesting enough to be shared, at least in order that people knew that *perhaps* they should be cautious buying such stuff. <BR> <BR> And I made made sure to point out that it wasn't personnal knowledge but that *I've been told..etc...*. I'd add that I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't typed this words and only wrote some assertive statement as if I had some authority on that matter, you wouldn't have replied that way. Tell me that honesty pay off... <BR> <BR>Finally, I strongly doubt that someone who knows nothing about blades and smithy has "first hand evidence" or is able to draw "informed conclusions" about their quality by merely looking at a sword, as beautiful as it could be (and they are beautiful, I already saw such swords, though I never went to Toledo). <BR> <BR>And since you want some backup, here's an adress : <BR> <BR>http://swordforum.com/swords/decorat...swordreal.html <BR> <BR>Perhaps I should even thank you for your criticism, since I found this site very interesting and spent a long time reading it. <BR> <BR>The site, at several places, cite the swords from spain and taiwan as examples of poor quality weapons, you can search through it if you want to. I choose this page since it also contains a warning about the risks involved. I saw another such warning elsewhere on the site (or on another site it is linked to...can't remember). <BR> <BR>Two abstracts (which correlate exactly with what "I've been told") : <BR> <BR>"Many of the swords made in Spain or Taiwan may be exceptionally beautiful, but despite the legendary steel of <BR>Toledo and the magnificent history of swordsmiths of yesteryear, the decorative swords made today suffer from <BR>many weaknesses" <BR> <BR>"And though many would disagree with <BR>this, the number of owners of decorative swords who have found their sword handles breaking after a few light swings not only show that quality is inconsistent but that breakages are sometimes unpredictable - even with the best decorative sword manufacturers.The result can be injury, dismemberment or even permanent bodily harm to yourself <BR>or your loved ones." <BR> <BR>And finally thanks for the post you wrote in my defense, Lisa.
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Clairobscur, <BR>It was my pleasure to defend you. <BR> <BR>By the way, where in France do you live? Just curious. <BR>Vanessa, <BR>I brought back hand painted, beautifully detailed ceramic tiles that spelled out names of those I was buying the gifts for, with a wrought iron frame that fit each name. Truely the best gifts I brought back, heavy as they were to carry! Also bought paintings from street artists, as gifts for those at home that appreciate fine art. Easy to pack, also enjoyed by those that recieved them. You will have a great time in Spain, I sure did when I went last summer, I'm going back this fall and I just can't wait!
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I live in Paris. I used to live in Britanny, in Auvergne and in Limousin, too...
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I have two words for you: Lepanto Brandy. It is the best in the world.

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