What Suitcase for 4 Weeks?

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What Suitcase for 4 Weeks?

Any suggestions out there for what kind of suitcase to take on a month long European trip? Lots of trains and planes. Also, where can you buy luggage that won't break the bank?
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Personally, I would take a rolling carry on with that much travel and having to lug it around. Pack for one week and do laundry. You can also put a folded up duffle bag inside in order to have an extra for things you might buy. We traveled this way to Paris for 10 days with no problem, so I would do the same for a month long trip.

You can find the type of suitcase I'm referring to at just about any discounter or department store. I think it's 26" in length, if I'm not mistaken.

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Alice The Magyar
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Beware, on British airway you are only allowed 13 pounds as a carry on! oh and a SMALL handbag too. And they are very very strict about it now too!! I am flying them in four weeks. I wish I had known this before I bought my tickets! My rolling carry on weights a lot when it is empty. Alice
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I take a 21" roll-on whether I'm packing for 10 days or six weeks (Europe has great laundry facilities). No WAY I'm going to be huffing and puffing to get some huge thing loaded onto a train at the last minute or dragging it behind me if I book a hotel in a hilltown where the parking's not close to the hotel.I do pack a small duffel bag for purchases and I carry a fairly large shoulder-bag purse (I'm not of the fanny pack or under-clothing money purse ilk - I figure if you carry a purse you look like a local, and in 27 years of travel in Europe have never come close to being robbed). You can find great bargains on luggage at places like Marshall's, TJMaxx, and Burlington Coat Factory - great name brands at half the price or less.
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Rick Steves says you can travel heavy, travel cheap and travel comfortably - but not all three. Pick two. When I've gone to Paris for long stays, I travel heavy - which means I either pay for help (cabs, skycaps, etc.) or I'm really uncomfortable. For a four week trip in Europe, choose your poison. Personally, I'd opt for a 22" rollaboard and plan on doing laundry.

Go into a luggage store or department and try out the bags. Good stores have a return policy, so buy the one you think will work, go home, pack it, hoist it over your head, take it around the block a couple of times, up and down a couple of flights of stairs, and if it doesn't work, take it back and try something else. Personally, I drag around a 22" rollaboard I bought at K-Mart for $19.99. Today's Sunday paper says they have them for $9.99 - and in RED! Guess where I'll be tomorrow...
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You could always check the carry on at the airlines if it's overweight, but it will still be easier to lug on and off trains, as well as up and down stairs. Maybe not a cinch, but better than a bigger suitcase or more than one suitcase.
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For up to 2 weeks I use a 19" rollaboard - and for 2 weeks to 2 months or more I use a 21" rollaboard. it wouldn't seem that extra 2 inches makes that much difference, but it does.

Even if I fly BA or VS with their strict 6 kilo carry on limits - I take the same bag and chaeck it because they are just soooooo much easier to handle. And if I am on another airline I carry it on.
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Elvira, is the KMart bag in Sunday's ad one that you've actually tried? I saw the ad too and was wondering if the bag would last through at least one trip. If you have the same bag and like it, then I'm on my way to KMart.

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Jane don't miss the thread below called "What to pack for a month". (Currently the most recent comment was made at 11:08 PM.) It's turned into a real catfight between the painted fashion plate and the minimalists!
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sandy c(new bern)
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I do love this....I have had the best laughs lately at this board. we are not having a catfight....lolololo...are we? fashion plate, my a&%, that is so hilarious and so way off base... elvira tell em would you...i am this huge full figured woman that wears lite makeup and likes a decent selection of clothes. fashion plate, god, spare me, i think i have tinkled in my pants i have laughed so hard. lolololololol, am i the only woman on the board that uses more than a damn tube of lipstick or what?

sorry jane, as to your question. I am with elvira on the suitcase. kmart or walmart has quite a few at a very low price. elvira, i have never found one that low priced though, i'm headin' to kmart myself tomorrow, i need a spare.

I do want to recommend a brand that is really sturdy and won't break the bank. walmart has american tourister's for around $49 for the 22 inch and $59 for the 27 inch pullmans. i love this brand. it has 2 lockable pockets on the outside that are deep and roomy.

my preference is the 27 inch for 7 days or more and i even have a packing grid and manual if you are interested. it's tried and true (however it is moderate and realistic not minimalistic which is what we are arguing on the other thread). if you are interested in the packing list and grid, email me at [email protected].
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I did europe in 6 weeks with a backpack. It weighed something like 20kg towards the end (it is 7kg empty).

For me that is the easiest - no worries about steps, transport and always hands free!

Sure it may look "heavy" but a good pack does a good distribution of weight and honestly, you won't feel much.

If you would consider one, go to your good camping/travel shop (but it has to be a rugged type travel shop) and get them to try one on you - make sure it's got some weight in it, as that is the only way to work out the weight distribution - fit is very important.

In case you're wondering, I'm not athletic.
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