What is Paris like in Nov. ? Too Cold?

Old Oct 5th, 2001, 07:53 AM
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What is Paris like in Nov. ? Too Cold?

My Wife and I are going to Paris over Thanksgiving Holiday. We have not been able to get an accurate answer pertaining to the weather during this time. Does any one have any experience in Paris during this time?
Thank you for your help.
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Weather is likely to be gray and cool but not cold. Rarely snows in Paris as is not cold enough. but won't be warm either though there are great variances in weather at any time of year. bring good rain gear. times i've been there in December was in the 40s. days are getting short expect sunset around 5pm.
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We were in Paris, as well as Normandy and Belgium over the Thanksgiving period last year. The weather was cool but nor extremely cold. Did have some overcast days and some rain at night, but overall not too bad. We layered our clothing and that worked well. I would not leave the hotel without umbrella and a light pair of gloves were useful as well. I think the coldest it ever got was mid 40s (f). You should not need real heavy coats - suggest sweaters/turtlenecks and jackets.
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While, like other people said, it will likely be cool (though not cold), you also might get lucky. I was in Paris over Thanksgiving weekend back in '94 and it was sunny and in the low 60s. Here's hoping the sun shines on you guys too!
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Just to add: My wife and I were in Paris last Thanksgiving. Weather was cool and misty, by no means terrible. Paris looks beautiful and silvery in the rain.
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If you're in the south as your moniker implies (Alabama?), then you will find those "cool" 40 to 50 degree temps to be quite chilly. Good choice of overcoat would be a raincoat with zip out lining --- that layering thing so you can be ready for weather variances.
Old Oct 5th, 2001, 05:21 PM
Bob Brown
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If you have decent clothing, coldness in Paris is a state of mind. I was there when it was pouring rain and some people said it was cold, but so what? I was where I wanted to be.
I did not mind the wet because it was just part of it.
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One word: CuddleDuds (that is silk-like long johns and tops) Best thing ever to keep warm while reducing thick layers of clothes. Since we go over in March or October, never leave home without 'em.
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Brian Kilgore
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I'm from Canada, where things get fairly cold. But I was really cold in Paris one November.

It was damp and windy.

But it would have been easy enough to beat, if I had paid attention beforehand.

Get warm shoes that don't soak up any rain that may be falling, and pick a jacket that keeps the wind out. Layering, as someone suggested, is a good idea, of course.

I was at business meetings with business suits and a conventional light trench coat and normal business shoes.

If I'd stuck to taxis and the Metro, I would have been as comfortable as any French executive, dressed similarly, would have been, but the city kept pulling me outside into long walks to see the sights.


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Tom Morse
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A couple of years ago, I was in Paris on feb. 5 and it was sunny and around 60 F. You never know, but I think Paris would be beautiful and time.
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We've been to Paris many times and experienced a variety of weather. This is very typical in Northern Europe. When we were there this March it was so cold and windy even my gloves and scarf were not keeping me warm. I hasten to add I live in the New York area and hadn't left sunshine behind! I think a big scarf is a must along with all the suggestions others have made. If you are lucky and get mild sunny weather you can leave the woolies behind in the hotel room. Enjoy.
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My husband & I went to Amsterdam & Paris last year over Thanksgiving Holiday -- it was a/b 50ish degrees and chilly and rainy (not too heavy) but ya know what? Loved every minute of it!! Most days had intermittent rain but a few days were sunny. We even got on the ferris wheel near the Champs-Elysees (sp?) and enjoyed it -- and I get cold easily! Have good walking shoes, dress in layers, H2O-resistant coat, umbrella, scarf, hat -- you'll be fine. If you walk around long enough you may become warm anyway. You'll also notice the roasted chestnuts while you're out and a/b. And there's nothing like a cozy little restaurant to warm up! lt;) Have fun -- wish we could tag along w/ you!

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