What if ?

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What if ?

i am tired of worrying about the war in Kossovo.Just for fun I thought about some other horrible things that could happen to a tourist.
A. Having to bungee jump from the top of the Eiffel tower when fire breaks out.

B. Falling in to a Venitian canal and having to swim 500 metres to get out.

C. Walking through the back streets of Naples after midnight,wearing lots of gold jewellery.

D. Being the only person at the Queens garden party at Buckingham palace,wearing jeans, t shirt,and grubby sneakers.

E. Being the only sober person in a train carriage full of drunken, out of control, British soccer fans.

The worse one for me would be the bungee jump.
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Catherine: How about being so sick you can't even take in water for nearly two days, you are in Paris and it's New Years' Eve, and you have dinner reservations at the Moulin Rouge that are almost impossible to get for that night.

Been there, done that, December 31, 1984.
Old Apr 6th, 1999, 11:36 AM
Tony Hughes
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Catherine, please be sure of your definition of 'British' soccer fans. The English fans have the bad reputation and quite rightly so, some of them are animals. Scots fans CONSISTANTLY win good behaviour awards at the major tournaments. It seems that when something is bad its British and when its good its English. Really, I mean you Canadians.
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Right Tony you're for it now.You are not the only one who likes to call a spade a spade.Guess where I used to live in England, for a while ? Blackpool,do you know what happens in Blackpool every year ? Scotch week,ever heard of it? Talk about animals.
When I was 16 years old I was chased down the prom by 10 drunken scotch.I had to jump on a moving tram to get away.
No one can tell me the Scotch are holier than thou.
By the way I do have some Scotch blood.One of my grandfathers was from Edinburgh (note sp).My maiden name was McDonald.My mother in law was from Kelty.I have an aunt who lives in Lockerbie, who said at the time of Pan Am
that she had never made so many bacon butties in her life;for the rescue workers and such.Now you can put that in your pipe and smoke it.
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Lee,That truly is awful enough for the list.
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Not to put too fine a point on it, but the word "Scotch" refers to a certain type of whisky. The correct adjective is "Scottish." Harrumph!
Old Apr 16th, 1999, 04:09 AM
Tony 'Mc'Hughes
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Catherine, you specifically referred to soccer fans - and in that capacity we are no animals. Granted Scotland does have its fair share of cretinous individuals and , no doubt, they frequent somewhere like Blackpool in droves.

While we are on the dubject of spelling ..AL was right, Scotch can be whisky, eggs, mist and..er...tape .. If you are from Scotland you are a Scot or Scots , NEVER EVER Scotch.

Bah Humbug, lassie.
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I am sorry, for calling Scottish people Scotch.I have done this all my life.It must be a Lancashire dialect word.My husband, who is from Lancashire says Scotch also.On occasion he has said bloody scotch.As I am sure Tony you have said bloody english.

Well we learn something new every day.I will try to say Scots.I have had lots of Scottish friends throughout my life and no one has seemed to be offended by Scotch.It doesn't seem so bad to me.I don't mind being called a Brit.

Tony what about the soccer games between Celtic and Rangers ? Didn't they used to be a blood bath ?
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jack blair
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/getting ready to hold Tony's jacket/

Now Catherine.....how can you say that? That's the kind of vicious rumour that's usually put around by the English - stand up for your Scots ancestors, girl!

Jack (A Glaswegie who's never been to Blackpool)

Old Apr 16th, 1999, 12:47 PM
Tony Hughes
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Hiya Catherine ...

Back in the late 1970's I can remember going to a Rangers Celtic match at Hampden, must have been a cup game. In those days they squeezed as many people into stadiums as possible and you ran the risk of the old 'warm leg' from some guy behind you who couldn't manage to get to a toilet or couldn't be bothered to go (remember that Jack?).

Anyhow, even in those days the resentment was there between the protestants and catholics BUT usually it was only ever implied. There was a lot of hype about it and everyone was friends again back on monday morning in the factory.

I can see what you are saying but it really is all blown out of proportion.

My scariest experience with football fans was in Italy last year down in Naples. Nothing implied or intimated with these guys they just kicked and punched the crap out of one another (and me, given half the chance).

As a final note, I have to say I have never heard anyone from England calling a Scotsperson Scotch.

take care
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Cheez, guys! Not that this isn't entertaining and all...but shouldn't we rename the topic????
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Raeona,This is what makes a forum fun.You start a thread and it turns into Flodden field.I like a bit of a battle.Maybe it's because I am a English soccer fan.
Jack, don't ever go to Blackpool.Rick Steves,lost all credibility for me when I read that Blackpool is one of his back door places. He thinks It's worth visiting.Blackpool is horrible.It should be re-named Blackhole.
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Old Mar 3rd, 2001, 06:47 AM
the americonos
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i nearly got killed 3 times in barcelona and i was only there 2 nights.

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