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Jan 28th, 2017, 11:03 AM
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I failed to provide the link to the hotel:


We paid 120 Euro per night inclusive of breakfast + an additional 10 Euro per night for the two nights we were moved into the 'upgraded' room.
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Jan 28th, 2017, 12:49 PM
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Dec 19 –

Yippee – lots of snow!

The hotel felt empty, we only saw a few other people. Breakfast wasn’t particularly appealing; perhaps I was just tired of salami and cheese. There was a plate of something that looked suspiciously like raw sausage patties, ick.

We eased our way down to the railway station via the icy road and a snow covered meadow. We located the visitor’s center across the street from the station, collected a bus schedule and hopped a bus to Konigsee, Germany’s cleanest, and third deepest lake, most of which lies within Berchtesgaden National Park (bus is free with hotel guest card).

We arrived to a low dense fog and lots of ice and snow. Sunshine was promised, but so far, nowhere to be found. We poked around the lake for a bit, took photographs and then decided to return tomorrow better prepared. We caught the bus back to Berchtesgaden; it stopped at a school and a whole load of kids boarded, swarming us like ants; they were fun to watch.

We spent the next few hours exploring Berchtesgaden on foot; the cobblestones taking their toll. The sun finally made an appearance and we got our first glimpse of those beautiful mountains surrounding us; gorgeous indeed.

We found the cemetery we so fondly remembered from our 2001 visit – I’d gotten some lovely photos of it back then, drenched in snow, one of which we still use as a screensaver some 15 years later.

Lunch found us back at our hotel at the Panoramarestaurant, which turned out to be a great decision, and not just for the views – tomato soup with basil for me, a ‘small’ burger with egg and beets for Bill, which turned out to be massive - 20 Euro with drinks, excellent.

Then it was back down the hill to the town center and the Christmas Market, me hoping to get some photos before the sun disappeared, but we were a bit too late. The atmosphere was entirely different than yesterday, no crowds, in fact very few people at all. The streets were icy, we were cold; we didn’t stay long.

On the way back up the hill, we detoured at Café Grassel to warm up with coffee and a shared slice of chocolate torte. I remembered it from our last trip when we had some wonderful Apfelstrudel here, but it didn’t feel familiar and was a bit disappointing.

The day ended sadly, as that evening we heard about the attack on a Berlin Christmas Market, which left 12 dead and 49 injured.


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Jan 28th, 2017, 01:06 PM
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This is a lovely trip report and I always love photos! We spent a lovelyweek in the Engadine, but further south on the way to Italy, in Sils Maria. We had wonderful weather and marvelous food, and it was a long time ago, but I still remember how beautiful the whole area was, and how it seems very different form other parts of Switzerland
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Jan 28th, 2017, 01:10 PM
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Thank you taconictraveler!
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Jan 28th, 2017, 01:13 PM
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There was a plate of something that looked suspiciously like raw sausage patties, ick.>>

probably slices of Leberwurst [liver sausage] - a bit like pate.

more lovely photos!
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Jan 28th, 2017, 01:28 PM
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Could be annhig, but I just googled Leberwurst and couldn't find anything that looked similar.

This looked exactly like a tube of raw Jimmy Dean sausage that had been sliced and put on a plate. Not pate texture, but rather lumpy fat texture.

My fellow yanks will get the reference but not sure what the British equivalent might be.
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Jan 28th, 2017, 01:35 PM
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Maybe pork tartare? Gag me.
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Jan 28th, 2017, 02:08 PM
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Stunning wintery photos of the lake, Mel! So gorgeous. Have been there twice in summer, just beautiful.
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Jan 28th, 2017, 02:14 PM
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This looked exactly like a tube of raw Jimmy Dean sausage that had been sliced and put on a plate. Not pate texture, but rather lumpy fat texture.>>

Jimmy Dean sausage? yum! [what ever it might be]

something like one of these perhaps:


[closest I can get is "Schmierwurst"]
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Jan 28th, 2017, 02:35 PM
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annhig -

I think it was Mettwoch:

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Jan 28th, 2017, 03:03 PM
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Mel - that link won't open for me. What you describe rather reminds me of the starter DH had once in an old-fashioned inn in Brandenburg - it was advertised as being pork pate but it was more or less pure fat.
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Jan 29th, 2017, 12:07 PM
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Dec 20 –


We walked down to the bus/railway station, caught the 9:15 bus up to Lake Konigsee and continued on to the Jenner Bergbahn. Here we took the gondola up, skimming over the tops of trees, as we dangled above the dark Konigsee valley (purchased discounted tickets at hotel for 18 Euro each, 4 Euro per person reduction).


We got off at the Mittelstation, got our bearings and walked the winterwanderweg around the reservoir (twice). It was cold and dark in the shadow of the mountains, but a pleasant stroll nonetheless, about two miles. We’d been told that the ski slopes weren’t open, yet we saw a handful of skiers with their dogs trailing them down the pistes.

We returned to the Mittlelstation, took the gondola to the top, and then walked the track to Jenner Berg – the sun was shining, the skies a vibrant blue, the views absolutely stunning. There was a bit of wind, but weirdly enough, it was warm. We’d definitely picked the right day for this excursion.

We poked around the top, took a gazillion photos and had lunch at the self-serve Jenner restaurant – a weisswurst (which looked like a big white floating turd), pretzel and beer for Bill, tomato soup and white wine for me, 15 Euro.

Then it was back on the very long and steep gondola to Konigsee. With time to kill before the bus, we wandered, stumbling upon the very inviting sun terrace of the Hotel Gasthof Bergheimat, where we cooled our heels over a glass of wine and soaked up the last rays of sun, which disappeared right at 2:20.

Dinner was at L ‘osteria al Parco, which was quite busy. Still good!

A beautiful day all around.



Dec 21 –

We took a taxi back to the railway station, purchased a Bayern Ticket (33 Euro), and boarded a train to Munich. Our train left five minutes late, causing us to worry about our six minute connection in Freilassing, but when we arrived, our connecting train hadn’t yet arrived.

The train from Frielassing to Munich was very busy and got busier at every stop, but we managed to find seats and luggage space. We were aboard a Meridian train, the seats of which were almost as uncomfortable as on the United flight coming over.

Some three hours later, we detrained at Munich Ost, and walked to our hotel for the night – the Courtyard by Marriott (68 Euro, no breakfast, nice room, quite the deal). We’d stayed at its next door neighbor and sister hotel, The Residence Inn on two previous visits, so we knew exactly where we were going, which was nice for a change.

It was just after 1 pm, we were hungry, so after a quick Internet search, we decided to try to find Goa, an Indian restaurant we liked from a previous visit (8 Thierschestrasse). We walked back to Munich Ost, caught the S-Bahn to Isartor, and walked a few blocks, Bill heading directly to the restaurant as if he’d just been there last week. That man has an uncanny talent for finding his favorite restaurants in foreign cities.

We were told to sit at a tiny table squished into a corner mere inches from the next table, then rushed to order by our waiter, who told us the kitchen closed at 2:30, which we knew. It was only 1:40, but he seemed in a hurry, so we quickly placed our order and then waited forever for it to arrive (we were brought soup instead of salad, but let it go).

We had trouble understanding our waiter; we couldn’t even tell what language or combination of languages he was speaking, it just sounded like gobbledly-goop, which is probably how we sounded to that poor waiter in Berchtesgaden.

The food was very good, but I was a bit put off by the service, at least today. The staff was setting up for dinner, rushing out lunch patrons well before 2:30, yet our waiter had slipped out the front door, and no one came by to take payment. It was just kind of strange (27 Euro with one drink each).

We’d toyed with the idea of going to the Marienplatz for one last dose of Christmas Markets, but we just couldn’t garner the enthusiasm, so it was back to the hotel to rest up for our trip home.

Dec 22 –

Up at 3:15 am, we were dragging our luggage across none-too-quiet cobble stones to the Munich Ost railway station by 4:20, on the train headed to the ‘Flug’ by 4:45, arriving at 5:15 for a 6:30 am boarding of our 70 minute Lufthansa flight to Berlin (11.20 Euro each for train ticket).

I was surprised to find several very well lubricated revelers in our hotel lobby so early in the morning – and even more surprised at how many people were already out and about on the streets and the trains. I’m a morning person, but...

Our flight to Berlin was on-time and smooth (woo-hoo!). We found the layout of Berlin’s Tegel airport rather odd – and very well-policed following the Berlin Christmas Market attack a few days prior.

We had a quick bite in the United Airlines lounge, but didn’t dally as we didn’t know how long it would take to clear security and reach our gate.

As it turned out, all we had to do was have our boarding passes matched up with our luggage tags, go to a different desk to have a new boarding pass printed and stamped and answer the usual security questions, then go through two more checks before we actually reached security...which was right there at the gate. So, we basically hurried only to have to wait in a cramped area filled with people and not many chairs.

Our UA flight from Berlin to Newark was pretty good – my stomach very much appreciated the much smoother flight. The seats in Economy Plus where like night and day from those on our incoming flight, much more comfortable, no back and butt aches.

Ah Newark...our first time through this mess of an airport. We sat on the tarmac for about 15 minutes upon arrival, which seems a bit cruel after a nine hour flight. In true UA style, our ‘priority’ tagged luggage was the last off the plane, so we brought up the rear of a very long, slow moving queue for Customs – several flights had arrived at once, and there were only two lanes. Huh.

The whole process took forever, one long line to the next, then onto the packed Sky Train – I half expected one of those Japanese train pushers to turn up – then up an escalator, down another, then up another – it was just weird – then into another line to re-clear security, etc (thank goodness for TSA pre-check). The airport was a complete zoo, no surprise being so close to Christmas, but I’m sure glad we had three hours between flights, as we needed it.

A whisky-infused eggnog in the lounge, and we were back onto another plane, this one a four hour flight headed to Denver, and so full of people and luggage that I was surprised the plane could take off.

Upon our arrival into Denver, we waited some more for luggage, piled on board a Hertz rental car bus and then waited some more.

Some 24 hours and no sleep later, we were tucking into chile rellenos at our favorite Denver Mexican joint, Bill telling me I looked so hammered that he thought the waitress might refuse me a margarita

Then into a nearby hotel for a good night of sleep before our two hour drive back to our home the following day.

We’re back!
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