"Weighty" Questions

May 5th, 1999, 07:11 AM
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I checked my steamer last night and it's the same as Donna's, a Franzus. Mine is not dual voltage, however, I've never had a problem using it with a converter. As Donna said, it's very lightweight and is easier to use than an iron. I travel very light,(for my upcoming trip I'm only taking a carry-on), but I'll take the steamer.
May 5th, 1999, 09:02 AM
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Oh those 99 cent plastic ponchos! When we went to Northern Ireland a few years ago, I bought 3 bright blue and 1 hot pink (one for each of us). The Traveling Loons referred to themselves as the Smurfs. They worked great, even protecting a valuable video camera that a documentary crew was transporting across the North Sea (don't even ask). I also found at a local off-price store a heavier version, actually constructed like a coat, in a khaki color. The thing cost me $2.99 and has a plastic envelope to carry it. It really is great in a downpour; I like the umbrella because it protects my camera while I'm shooting.
May 5th, 1999, 10:04 AM
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Thanks again to each of you. What wonderful tips! I shall be sure to look for those cheap ponchos. Does anyone know where one can purchase the Franzus steamer?
May 5th, 1999, 01:37 PM
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Sorry to throw a wrench into the steamer discussion, but I like to pack my clothes in the "Pack It's" sold by Eagle Creek. You fold your clothes neatly using the plastic board provided, stack them, place the plastic board on top, then velcro it shut. It's kind of like a big envelope. It fits perfectly into my backpack. It keeps the clothing organized and from getting wrinkled. They are worth every penny (~$25 for the medium size).

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