Websites: what I really really want...

Jul 29th, 1999, 03:35 AM
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Websites: what I really really want...

Just thinking what travel websites *should* do -- so annoying when I can't find impartial online info about my destinations . . .

Why is it so difficult to get an interior view of a hotel room? If I'm sleeping there, then I'd like to see what it's like!
Don't you hate it when one hotel has paid to put up a site, but you can't get info about any other lodging in that village?
Worst of all, when hotels don't live up to their online hype?
Plus going somewhere written up by Let's Go or Rick Steves or whoever ... and being surrounded by other Americans (yikes)!

What are your gripes about travel websites?
Have fun...!
Jul 29th, 1999, 04:17 AM
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When I do see photographs of hotel rooms, they are usually not what I get. I think they use a photograph of their suites instead of a typical room. Although in the end I'm still happy with the room I get, it would be nice to see a photo of the room in advance.

I disagree with you wanting a hotel who has paid to be one line to list their competitors.

But I do agree with you with the Let's Go or Rick Steves issue. I was in Paris in May and selected one of RS's recommended restaruants. No one BUT Americans. I'd rather eat in a place filled with a variety of foreigners. The restaurant was VERY GOOD and well priced, but not the atmosphere I prefer. I do like running into other fellow Americans, but not at a place where 100% of the people are Americans.
Jul 29th, 1999, 06:20 AM
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Hi Monica --

My point was that sometimes a nice hotel will post a (good) site, like the Hotel du Lac in Duingt . . . but good luck finding a plain vanilla listing of all the other Duingt hotels (in my eternal search for the perfect 2-star) . . .

And yeah, if I've paid all this money to get over to Europe, the last thing I want is to be surrounded by my fellow countrymen! I get that at home!

How 'bout a travel site with places listed that *guarenteed* haven't been listed by Fodors, Let's Go, etc. etc. . . but then as soon as they're listed online they'll be guidebooked anyway . . . oh well!
Jul 30th, 1999, 05:40 AM
Mary Ann
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We use Rick Steves a lot and I agree that you'd rather not have 100% Americans. However, it is a quandry with so many Americans traveling. We do not want organized bus tours so we travel by car. As a result, you want to find reasonable accomodations in smaller hotels to get a feel for the location. Therefore, you use a reliable source. For a couple locations, I did independent web searchs and found a couple great choices, then I looked in Rick steves and guess what, they were his recommendations too!!! Especially when you only have a couple weeks, as opposed to a month, you tend to rely on available resources. I guess we have to remember it's an "adventure" and make the best of it and enjoy!
Aug 2nd, 1999, 04:16 AM
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Hey, check this one for usefulness & cool design. If you're going to Paris & want to check out bistro information, or want listings of jazz, spoken word, or philosophical cafes (even in English!):

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