Visit To Bath, England

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Visit To Bath, England

We plan to be in Bath, Nov. 17-21. Has anyone stayed at the Carfax Hotel?? Further, do you know of any car boot sales during our stay, or markets? Need ideas of things for a 10 year old to enjoy, also.
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Hi Peggy,

I haven't stayed at the Carfax, but I have stayed at the Villa Magdala in Bath - It was WONDERFUL. They have a lovely B&B and very hospitible hosts. The breakfasts were great too, with big windows overlooking the Henrietta Gardens across the street.
check them out -

the location is across from Henrietta park, just down from the Putnum bridge.
There is plenty of shopping by the Pump Room & Abbey.

Post with more questions.
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My parents and I stayed at the Carfax in the fall of 1998, and enjoyed it very much. The location couldn't be more convenient, just a block's walk from Pulteney Bridge, and the staff were very accommodating. Rooms relatively spacious (not compared to most oversized hotel rooms in the U.S., of course, but quite large and airy by English standards). We'd definitely stay there again.

Let's see, for a 10-year-old...if your 10-year-old stays up until nine or so, I think they might enjoy the Bizarre Bath Walking Tour that leaves from the Huntsman Pub right around the corner from the Abbey. Goofy and fun. They would probably also enjoy exploring the Baths themselves.

Have a great time--Bath is a lovely city.
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I will be in Bath with my family on November 19th. We are staying at Harington's Hotel (it was recommended by Rick Steves, don't know anything else about it except that it's extremely central). There are ten of us, one of whom is my 11-year-old niece. We are hoping she'll like the Costume Museum and Roman baths.

Since we'll only be there Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, we assume we'll not see any car boot sales. I would love to be wrong about that though.

Check out Maybe we'll see you over there!

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Clarification--What is a car boot?
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I've never been to one, just read about it, so I'm no expert. A boot is the trunk of a car. Car boot sales are sort of like garage sales, only people sell things from the trunks of their cars. There was a good post about them a month or so ago (if you want more info).

By the way, Debbie: when did you stay at Villa Magdala? You must have had an amazing time! You've recommended it on every Bath post I've read! What is so great about it?
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I was there 2 years or so ago on a trip from London - Edinburgh - Bath.
I stayed at B&B's in all three, and the Villa Magdala won HANDS DOWN! Everything about it was great - the building itself was very quaint, the breakfast room was bright and cheery, the lounge area very nice.
The rooms were actually quite roomy, we had 2 twin beds, with a full writing desk and huge closet, a small sitting area with 2 occasional chairs and the BEST bathroom - obviously newly redone.

Also, the hosts were wonderful, the location great ( and it had off street parking for those who needed it)

We paid 75 pounds per night for the room in March and compared to what we paid in London & Edinburgh (around 60 /65 per night) it was a Totally Worth it.

I would actually consider staying there and taking the train into London next time.

Can you tell that it was the best part of my trip

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The kids should love the Costume Museum, I was 27 and my mom had to drag me out of it. It was fantastic.

Also, if you have a day to spare, check out the Mad Max day tour, which will take you to Stonehenge, Avebury, the Cotswolds and the little town where BBC's Pride and Predjudice was filmed. The tourist office in Bath will sign you up for it. I liked it quite a bit.
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Dear Peggy,

I live only a few miles from Bath, so I hope you don't mind that I rang around a few friends with children to ask what they recommended. They said that most kids like the Roman Baths, but there is also something called MicroWorld which appears to be a collection of the smallest things in the world, (some of which have to be viewed through a magnifying lens) like a carving on the end of a matchstick. It is somewhere near the Theatre Royal.

They also mentioned a new place in Bristol (10 miles away). It's a combination of science museum, exploratory, nature sort of thing. It had huge raves in the national press when it opened recently. It's called "@Bristol" and has a Wildscreen, Exploratory and Imax theatre. Given you are only in Bath for a few days you may not want to venture out, but it is only one stop on the train from Bath and from Temple Meads train station in Bristol, a ten minute ride on a bus.

I asked about car boot sales and they said to look in the local papers when you get here, (The Bath Evening Chronical or the Bath Advertiser).
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Thank You, Lesley! My niece is very interested in science so your suggestions are very helpful to us. We are going to Bristol after Bath, so maybe we can visit @Bristol.

Does anyone have experience with lunch at the Pump Room? Any chance I'll find my own Captain Wentworth?
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My Mom & I ate there when we were in Bath. We had a light lunch/snack. It is a very lovely room with an air of elegance.

Definitely worth a stop, if only for tea & scones....
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The British Navy's shrunk a bit, so I think you'll be lucky. Rugby players, they're the catch in Bath these days.

The Pump Room is best for tea and cakes rather than lunch, and it is nice. Problem is, it's in the middle of one of the most popular museums in England. Half an hour at a time is enough (I go quite often).

Here's hoping the fire eating jugglers are doing their thing outside the Pump Room when you go. Don't miss them if they're there. Ask in the Pump Room. David Copperfield it ain't (Praise be)!

BTW, the "hot" restaurant the past couple of years has probably been the Green Street Seafood Cafe.
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We stayed at a place called Wellsgate Guest House; a nice brisk walk over the river and up the hill from downtown Bath. After a tiny little room near Victoria Station in London, it was such a nice luxurious place! A rather large room (The bathroom was almost as large as our London hotel) big bed, view over the valley. (53 pounds) We just made it to Bath after a quick visit to Stonehenge at closing time. It was already dark, nothing was open, so I got the name from a board in the railway station.
You would think those tight little lanes would be difficult to maneuver, but I managed to get down their lane and into the garage with our standard(!) rental car.
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My rec. is for a place to have tea. Don't miss Sally Lund's. Get a Sally Lund Bun with clotted cream and jam and their house blend tea. It is FABULOUS. My friend and I actually considered trying to bring some of the buns home so our families could try them. They wouldn't have been fresh by the time we got home so we settled for some of their tea. Seriously, this is not to be missed!

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