Venice in the rain??

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Venice in the rain??

We are leaving for Venice in just 2 days I just checked the weather forcast and it calls for rain everyday. I have a light weight rain jacket and a mini umbrella. But, what do you do the rain and how do you get around???!!! We planned to spend our 1st day there getting acclimated and enjoying San Marcos sq. Had planned to go to Burano the next day. But if its raining that wouldn't be fun.
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We had the high tides and rain during our visit. The water was over our ankles in the square and we were on the water during a driving rain. Boat had a cabin! Venice will outdo all that!! Just do what you want with good rain gear. Have a 12E cup of coffee and think about your friends back home who aren't as fortunate.
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You won;t have high water - just a little rain. do wha tyou would do at home - whatever you planned - just use a little umbrella.

No reason to change your plans - it's not a beach resort.

And Venice can be very romantic in the rain.

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I have to agree with the advice you've been given so far. It won't be as bad as you think. If you don't like umbrellas, make sure you have a rain jacket with you (I'd take an umbrella too though). While you're there, think of all of us who are wishing we're in your shoes!

You are so lucky, Fluff! You'll be there for the opening ceremonies of the Venice Biennale, which starts June 6. If you like contemporary art, you'll be in heaven.

As an aside, this is what my coworkers get for leaving me behind...
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My philosophy when on vacation is to do whatever the heck I was planning to do, rain or shine - unless, of course, it's a real maelstrom. I've gone canoeing in the rain, horseback riding in the rain, hiking in the rain, and I've spent many a rainy morning at outdoor markets.

Of course, there are plenty of indoor venues in Venice, so if you're really stymied by how to deal with the weather, just change your plans around so that you spend more time seeing the indoors things and less seeing the outdoors things.

But really, it's just water. And Venice is ALL about water to begin with. I wouldn't let a few drops from above slow you down.
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I agree - it should be fine. I like a waterproof hooded jacket & crepe-soled shoes for rain. You could always duck into St Marks, some shops, The Doges or museums. Or have a Bellini and listen to music in a cafe. As long as the vaporettos are running to Burano, you will still get all the colors there, even in the rain, & you could always find some marvelous seafood and relax w/a leisurely meal there. Enjoy!
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Yes, agree with those above who speak of Venice in the rain. When I was there in March, upon arrival, it was unusually warm and a bit muggy, then, this fierce type of "nor-easter" storm moved in, and I swear, the entire city was shut down for the day, the wind and the rain was that fierce-the temp. dropped 30 degrees! It was then rainy and quite cold for a few days, yet, oddly, it was quite fun (with the exception of that one day) I went about, went off to the Isola degli Armeni, had lunch, tripped all over with my friend, and had a great time, so don't worry about it. The vaporettos are still running, that's for sure! And the gondolas are out as well, if it isn't raining too badly.

Do bring layering-you never know in Venice-it can get quite cool in the summer-I've actually worn sweaters and have been freezing in August!
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It IS a kick to see a gondolier with a huge Rainbow umbrella waiting for a customer in the basin behind San Marco.
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Thanks for the many suggestions. It is good to know that the vaparettos still run! I do have rain gear packed so will be prepared for whatever. When on vacation we don't sweat the small stuff that is out of our control.
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I was there last week and lucked out as far as rain goes. But it was 85 and up and more humid than I'm used to (in CA).

Maybe the rain will thin out the crowds. The vaporettos were packed -- they didn't bother checking anyone for tickets.

And you can't just duck into San Marco or Doge's Palace it seems. You'd have to get a reservation to avoid the queues.

One thing was surprising to hear is that Venice had 250 acqua alta days last year. The city is sinking and the oceans are rising.

It would be horrible if much of Venice as we know it now sank in our lifetimes.
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We were in Venice in November...rain, fog, high tides the works. Wouldn't have had it any other way. Venice is beautiful and the weather only enhanced our visit. Romantic!
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That was my thought... that this time of year even if it rains it will likely be warm. I would have a very very lightweight shell to keep the rain off, but you may not want to wear a real jacket. Likely too hot for that.

You get around Venice on foot or vaporetto so rain doesn't change that part.
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We were in Venice May 16--22. Everyday at home we checked with and they were calling for rain every day that we were going to be there. They were wrong. We had clear blue sky and 75-80 temps all week. So much for checking the weather. Have a great trip.
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What DinPa said is important Fluff-you CANNOT trust those weather forecasts for Venice before you leave-I remember a year or so ago on one trip, I was quite disappointed, because it showed that the entire week would be rain (but I did know there was a good possibility they could be wrong) and the EXACT opposite occurred-sunny every day. That's why I say, be prepared-it could even turn cool at night-a shawl, light sweater or jacket needs to be taken.

At this time of year, there are a lot of thunderstorms that occur in Venice, so it does cool things off quite a bit.

As for the vaporetto situation, it's getting ever worse. I read in the Venice newspaper nearly every week complaints about what to do concerning the over-packed vaporettos-they are thinking of making certain vaporettos "for residents only" because residents are complaining they can't get to and from work, or whereever, because they are too packed with tourists.

As for the acqua alta and global warming-nearly every week the City Council of Venice preoccupies itself with these matters- fierce opposition from Mayor Cacciari to the 11 billion dollar "MOSE" project -however that project is going forward, and is about a third of the way completed. It is all about the mobile floats that will rise up and keep the worst of the high tides away from Venice-it is not intended as a complete panacea-but it WILL work-and I do support it. But the big issue for Venice City Hall is who gets control of the Mose-will it be local, or as usual, controlled by Rome? The usual sort of state/federal questions concerning the control of large government public works.

But the MOSE project is a hopeful sign-that Venice will be around to enchant future generations for another 1,000 years.
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Here are my two tips for Venice in the rain:

Bring two pair of walking shoes, so one can dry while you wear the other. Someone here once advised stuffing the wet pair with newspaper to help them dry more quickly.

Make sure to notice the classy raincoats all the Venetian ladies put on their dogs. I saw more Burberry on the pooches than on the people! Including little hats in some cases- too cute.
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Obviously my rain gear will not be as well dressed as the dogs. Oh, well.
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I think Venice in the rain would be
wonderful - and p'haps fair-weather-
friend-tourists might not impede my
progress thru' the most popular sites!

I've vowed never to return in hot
weather - fog, mist and drizzle only.
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My daughter is in Venice right now, she said it has been showery and cool at night. Sounds heavenly as when we were there about 10 days ago it was hot hot hot.
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You could check out Seemed to be a bit more accurate than I checked both daily, before and during the trip.

Light rain wouldn't be bad but if many of the squares flooded or got some big puddles, it would have been a drag.
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Thanks for the site. I'l be sure to bookmark it!
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