Venetian Glass Candy

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This makes me kind of sad. 35 years ago, the candies were quite unusual; I remember spending hours with the vendors, trying to decide how many I could reasonably carry home with me...I was completely enchanted by them (and I still am, actually!) Sigh.
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Relax, it was a purposeful typo just don't ask me what's the purpose

I can admit now: I was afraid my Lindt chocolates, you know those round balls, will crash even in the carry-on, so I bought them in San Francisco. So what? Still tasty, and my relatives don't know. And what they don't know can't hurt them
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Faina..I truly believe it is the thought that counts in the gift. I would know that the glass was the usa not venice and that is the difference.

I would get whatever my sister wanted.....
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Thank you all for your help! I am sure I will find the perfect souvenir for my sister and maybe something for myself!
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FainaAgain, you are a woman after my own heart. I hate going on these expeditions for a special item for someone abroad. I come from the "inspirational shopping" bent--meaning if you see something you want that can fit in your luggage, you buy it. I go on trips to see things, try new foods, etc. I do not go on trips to shop.
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The candy on ebay is from Venice so just think of it as someone shipping it to you and saving you the trouble of carrying it. To easy your conscious buy one there and put it in the mix.

But I think if it is one of your first trips a person tends to buy more souveniers, after many trips the thrill of carrying items for gifts wears off at least in my experience (and the people I travel with).
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I also don't bother with postcards anymore. You have to buy the cards, fill them out and then figure out the right amount of stamps to put on them. Then they arrive after you return. I stopped sending them years ago.

I may buy a special gift for someone if I run into something that I think is right for that person, but I never take or execute shopping lists for others.

And the thrill of schlepping a suitcase that weighs too much due to too many purchases has long gone for me. The easiest sort of purchase for me is a CD of local music or inexpensive handcrafted jewelry. Easy to carry, nice memories.
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There seems to be more variety over there than here. What I would do is look around home to see what is available before going so I could find the more unique glass pieces as a Venetian souvenir. It is true with our "global" economy how widely available wares from everywhere are, but there is something special attached to something chosen in a foreign place. I found very unique glass soap dishes at the train station in Venice as a last minute gift and it seems that everyone I bought for not only loved them but still use them many years later!
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At the Murano glass factory they have always given me a free piece of glass candy with any purchase, even if it is just a 20 euro necklace. Also, if you are with a tour group they offer discounts on glass. You also have the gaurantee that it was made on the premises and not in china, which is not something you have at the smaller souvenir shops.
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I can see it now:

"I know you didn't get it in Venice!"

"Well, just HOW do you know?"

"I know because that nice lady at Fodors said you'd probably do something cheesy like buy it at Macy's"

"OK, fine...I'll keep it myself. And the next time YOU go to Venice you can buy some."
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Hi myshell127.
I've seen in your message that you were planning to stay in Grand Hotel Excelsior , Amalfi.
How was? Did you like it?
I am considering this hotel for October.

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