"Van Gogh & Gaugin" in A'dam

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"Van Gogh & Gaugin" in A'dam

Hi there,

Has anyone been to this exhibition - would love to hear a trip report about whether it's worth the effort to reserve a time.

I have to admit I'm a bigger Gaugin fan! Any details would be great, thanks.
= )
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Just went to the exhibition about two weeks ago. I found it very moving. The exhibit does a good job of putting together pairs and groups of related paintings (many which haven't been together in a hundred years) and giving you the context of the paintings' creation. The audio commentary (free with exhibit) was very interesting, although I thought it was obviously very pro Van Gogh. I didn't make a reservation, but when I showed up at 9:00 was able to sail right in.
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I saw the exhibit in Chicago last fall. Yes, it's definitely worth your time, especially if you're a Gaugin fan. And, if you're not already a Van Gogh affecionato, you'll will be after this exhibit!
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I have two friends who saw it in Chicago a few months ago and said it was wonderful! Got to see the Van Gogh exhibit in LA a few years ago - he's always been my favorite although I like all the Impressionists too. Planning next Europe trip with a start in Amsterdam mainly for the Van Gogh museum!
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Thanks dudes! I'll definitely try to make the exhibition...

Wondering if anyone has done the evening hours there in A'dam though? What kind of vibe does the museum have after dark?

Hartelijk dank =)
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not only, but also :

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Tracy, Visited this exhibit last week and loved it! I did get an advance reservation, and was glad I did since others were being turned away. The exhibit is such a highlight of an Amsterdam visit that I would recommend having an advance ticket so you don't miss it.
It's a rare opportunity to see so many paintings in one location, like the three "Sunflowers". Karen
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We got there at 8:45 am, were first in the line and got our tickets without any problem. It is really fantastic exibition and if you are in Amsterdam do not miss it.
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Does anyone know if this exhibit is coming to New York? Thanks.
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"The exhibition appears initially at The Art Institute of Chicago, from 22 September 2001 to 13 January 2002."

I doubt it will be back in the US then.

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There is a wonderful book accompanying the exhibition (which opened in Chicago and will close in Amsterdam), a hardback of the catalogue that was sold at the Art Institute. It is available in bookstores, Amazon etc. I received a copy for Christmas and it is fascinating and beautiful.
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To the poster who asked whether "Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Studio of the South" would be coming to New York:
it is my understanding that Chicago and Amsterdam are the only scheduled exhibitions. Top those who asked if it is worth a visit: Go! It is a fascinating look at their psychological and artistic relationship. There is even a mockup of the tiny Yellow House which they shared over a long, cold winter. Within months, Van Gogh had ended his life.
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Are tickets available only for the museum (without the exhibition)? The website reads: "The normal tickets will not be valid during the exhibition, but exhibition tickets do give entrance to the collection." I would like to see the regular collection, but don't want to be locked into a time as required by the exhibition tickets. If the only way to assure getting to see the collection is by buying the Exhibition tickets for a specified time, I guess I will do that, because I do not want to miss the regular collection. Also is the "all museum pass" of any benefit with this purchase. Any advice from recent travellers? Thanks in advance.
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We've just returned from Amsterdam. I can't help you with information about the "all museums pass", but I can tell you that we got our tickets for the Van Gogh and Gauguin exhibition from the VVV office across from Centraal Station one morning and booked the time slot of 1.00-2.00 for that afternoon. This meant that we could enter any time within that hour, but stay as long as we wanted. My understanding is the same as yours, ie you can see the regular collection only if you have the exhibition ticket for as long as this exhibition runs. We got in around 1.30 and stayed till 5.00, taking in the lot. It was WELL worth it...hugely popular and rightly so. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Van Gogh's "Room at Arles" brought instant tears for me, it is so sublime and simple. I'll stop there...my heart's still in Amsterdam. Have a wonderful (guaranteed) time there.

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