Vacation in Sicily

Sep 10th, 2001, 01:17 AM
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Vacation in Sicily

I want to visit Sicily. I presently live in northern Italy but all my Italian friends tell me to avoid Sicily due to a dangerous atmosphere. Any ideas on whether they are right. I forgot my e-mail address, sorry
Sep 10th, 2001, 04:17 AM
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They're not right at all, but they may be a bit bigoted. Be careful in Palermo, though.
Sep 10th, 2001, 05:34 AM
Leif Lindmark
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Visited Giardini-Naxos (close to Taormina) for 14 days in june. We had rentalcar for some days, avoided the larger towns and met nothing but nice people everywhere.
Sep 10th, 2001, 07:23 AM
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I agree avoid Palermo and you will love Sicily. Grat seafood.
Sep 10th, 2001, 07:52 AM
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I to have foung the same thing in the north, the people are really crazy in my opinion. They do not know what they are talking about.
I lived in sicily many years and was fine. I love sicily.
Many people on this board can say the same thing, that they have gone there on vacation with no problems and enjoyed it.
Don't listen to your friends, they probably have never been there. Most of the northerners that say that are the ones that are followers of Bossi.
What can you expect from them?
Go and have a ball. You will meet some of the nicest people ever. You just have to use your common sense as you would in any big city.
If you want to know anything else in particular, email me and I will tell you.

Sep 10th, 2001, 08:21 AM
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Yea, yea, I see the error.
Just waiting to see who has to be the first to correct me.
Sep 10th, 2001, 08:55 PM
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Go to Sicily.
It is the birthplace of my father and
many generations before him.
We had the ggod fortune to be able to visit Sicily for 14 days three years ago,and may once again visit in 2002.
We explored as much of the island as possible, with the highlight of visitng Capri Leone where my family came from.
The people were warm, friendly, sincere, and kind.
Above all don't listen to people who tell you not to go to Palermo. It is a vibrant city, whose people are it's greatest asset.
Like ANY large city, it has it's problems, but if you use normal
precautions and common sense you will enjoy it.
Sep 12th, 2001, 12:41 PM
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If it is any use to you I can send you some notes I made after a visit to Sicily this February. E-mail me if you want them.
Oct 21st, 2001, 09:29 AM
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Dear Gina,
Sicily is one of the most beautiful places in the world.
I can tell you ,and I'm Sicilian.
Sicily is a great land, maybe there are many contradictions, but a traveller would not see them.
Here the weather is warm all year round, the landscapes are magnificent ,and the people are the more generous and friendly you will ever meet.
Palermo is a big town , with all the beauties and the dangers of a big town.
woul you walk with your bag open in NY or in Milan or in Paris? I don't think so.
Do not bother about what your friends say, just have a personal try of Sicily and judge by yourself.
If you want to know more about my wonderful island, let me know,I'll be glad to introduce you to Sicily.

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