Using the internet overseas

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Using the internet overseas

Im new at computers when you want to send a message home from London and go to a internet cafe how do you send it do you use your name and aol or what? can some one tell me how to do it Thanks
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If you're an AOL subscriber, you'd need to log on to the AOL website in order to access your e-mail account outside your regular computer. After you type in or whatever AOL variation, you'll get an AOL screen. Double click on the mailbox icon in order to access your e-mail account. You should then get the regular sign-in screen which would ask for your AOL screen name and password. Then, you should be good to go.
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If you're unfamiliar with other "web-based e-mail options" you might want to take a look at or the e-mail features of or as solid alternatives to AOL-based e-mail. I am not an AOL user, so I can't give you the nitty-gritty compare-and-contrast. I continue to prefer - - but it is no longer in the free domain.

Best wishes,

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I know with my AT&T account, I had to be signed in with my regular dial-in account in order to turn on the feature to allow me to check e-mail from any web browser. I only had to do this one time.

Don't wait to get to a foreign country to try this out. Go to your library or a neighbors and type in or whatever you use and try to access your e-mail there.

Another thought is to check your password. Sometimes it can be difficult to find non-alphanumeric characters on a different style keyboard. Stuff like the dash, the underscore, even the '@' symbol. It'll be easier to just have numbers and letters in your password.
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I don't know how common AOL is in London, but in France, some cybercafes have AOL loaded on their computer, so you don't have to go through the site. If they have AOL, it's just like when you use it at home, except you will have to sign in as "guest", and then it prompts for your real screenname. After that, it's just AOL as usual. is the other option if they don't have AOL loaded, as others have said above. It's pretty self-explanatory. Real AOL is preferable because the is a bit klutzier and slower -- also, AOL doesn't support it very well so there have been times in the past when it's been down for over a month and they haven't fixed it. That is the exception, however, it usually works.
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Hi Jackie. My girlfriend's email account is on AOL and she didn't have a problem accessing it from Internet places in Venice, Rome, Siena, Vernazza (Cinque Terre), and Nice.

I use a hotmail account, web-based email that gets a ton of spam but is accessible from any computer that has unfiltered web access.
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It really is quite easy. I am not an AOL user nor a hotmail one (no MS thanks!). I have a yahoo account and it really is very simple.

Go to the yahoo or hotmail (or whatever e-mail provider you prefer) and just sign in where it says so. All you have to do is remember the address... eg:

Once you sign in, you will have your username and password which are thing to remember.

Wherever you are in the world, all you have to do is type in (for example) or (or whatever) and click on check e-mail. From there... you just type in your username and password and hey presto - you can start mailing.

Most internet cafes start the computer up with a browser (netscape/internet explorer) already running. So you just have to type in the address of your e-mail provider.

My mother got into e-mail in her 50s to send me e-mails as I moved to another country. It is so self-explanatory that she has been sending me e-mails from all over the world (lately Nepal). I've not had to explain to her a thing ... and my mom, does not use the computer for work or anything else.

As intimidating or dauting as it may sound initially, just go to a site (my mother uses yahoo) and just sign in. The way you access the site from anywhere should be the same way you'd access it from home once you're connected to the internet (you won't have to worry about modems at an internet cafe).

If you want me to go through step by step the actual procedure .. let me know (preferably by e-mail *wink*).

Have lots of fun!
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EasyEverything is a chain, can't really call it a cafe, but they have hundreds of computers and are open 24 hours. There's one near theTottenham Court Road tube station. Unlike a lot of cafes which charge quite a bit of £, here the amount of time you have depends on the time of day. In the early evening, you pay more, in the early morning you pay very little. One of the best tips I've gotten on this board, and thought I'd pass it on.

I think they have AOL already loaded, but don't use it , so I'm not sure.
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Thanks everyone for your information
Sounds like its easy to access will try it when i get to london Have to e mail husband on my activities then he will wish he was there Lol
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One last suggestion - - try it in your local public library now - - if you can do it there, you can do it in a cybercafe in Europe.
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You might want to take a cheat sheet of e-mail address as you will not be able to access your address book (or favorite places) as a Guest on AOL. Not sure how that works with other e-mail accounts. Also, FYI my husband in traveling in Europe right now and is checking in from internet cafes. He was in London somewhere for £3.5/hour last week, which he said was a cool place. He's now in Sicily and says it's been about 5euro wherever he's been.
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You can access your address book with hotmail.

5 euros per hour was about the standard in the places we were at in Italy & France recently, although I believe that the huge EasyEverything place in Rome was less. A place in Venice, TheNetGate -- which also has other locations in Italy -- had an occasional "happy hour" where you get twice as much time for the same price.

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Just type in
in any browser and you can sign in to your aol mail account. I have done this in Spain, Germany, Poland, Romania, France etc. in every internet cafe that I've visited
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Set up instant messaging with Yahoo before you go over. I was able to "talk" to my daughter instantly when I signed on. I was very grateful for this I was in Poland on 9/11 and did not have to wait for a response to make sure all was well with my family.
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