using pass

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using pass

I have the 15 days eurail consecutive day pass.
If I make the train reservation here in US. Do I need to validate (stamp) the reservation card before boarding the train?
Do I need to write down the date and destination of my travel if I am using the consecutive days pass?
Please help.
Thank you!
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I'm not an expert, but when we used a Eurail Pass we had to have an agent at the ticket counter write in the first date of use on our pass. As for the reservation card, we stamped it in the ticket stamper at the end of the train platform.

Also, people at the train stations in France and Italy were very willing to help. Ask any and everyone who looks official.

To make our train travel arrangements I used a company at who were very informative and helpful.

Good luck and safe travels.
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I have used a consecutive pass as well as made reservation from the US (as well as in Europe.)

On the consecutive pass, you must validate (or activate) the pass on the first day you use the pass at a station. You don't write down anything on your pass. (you write down dates on FLEX pass not CONSECUTIVE pass.) After activation, you don't have to visit the ticket counter again as far as fare portion of the trip. You might have to visit the ticket counter for additional reservations or using train outside the pass coverage.

I never validate my reservations. Ticket inspectors always checked my reservations and never complained about the lack of validation. I don't see why reservation need to be validated at all. Validation is to prevent the reuse of the same ticket in the future. The reservations can never be reused afterwards.
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I agree with Greg. I've never validated seat reservations when using a pass because they are for a specific train and time only.
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I use the Consecutive whenever I travel because it is the most convenient way for us to travel around Europe and the least expensive. Before you take any trip, with or without reservations, you must validate your pass. You just go to the train station and have any clerk validate the pass. All you do is show your passport and they stamp the pass and write in the start and end dates. It takes about 5 minutes at the most. You do not validate reservations. You do not need to write down when and where you went on the pass unless you want the Eurail free gift. Then you just fill out the pass with your dates and destinations and send it in when you are back home. The free gifts are nothing special. I have never done that myself.

In most cases you don't need reservations if you are traveling with a consecutive pass. Just get on the train and go. The conductor will stop by, look at your pass and say thank you. If the train requires a supplement, you can pay on the train. If you need a reservation, you can get one the same time you get your pass validated. It depends on where you are going. Therefore, where and when will you be traveling? If you perfer you can e-mail me directly. Have a good trip.


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