Use of Paris Metro & RER

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Use of Paris Metro & RER

I will be travelling to paris for the first time and I am unsure of the best way to get to my hotel in the 14th Arr. One of the options from the CDG airport is the RER with a Metro connection. Is travelling this route with luggage safe? Is it the most cost efficeient and the quickest?
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The RER with a Metro connection is probably the most efficient way to get to your hotel. I'm not sure how much the RER ticket costs (I met my girlfriend in Paris and she already had the tickets), but I think it might have been 40 or 50 francs. A Metro ticket is only about $1.

As for safety, you shouldn't have any problems if you just keep your hands and eyes on your bags. The RER from the airport to downtown wasn't crowded at all on the day I arrived in Paris, so I didn't feel unsafe.

Have fun!
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Steven, I've not taken the RER from CDG but I have done so from Orly, connecting with the Metro. It is fast and cheap and safe. However, if you have a lot of luggage, a lot of the Metro stations are accessible only by stairs. When you buy the RER ticket be aware it will also work at the metro turnstile and keep your ticket until your trip is complete, they WILL do spot checks. Also, check out the options for Metro tickets, carnets e.g.
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i go to paris twice a year and alwyas take the RER, it is much faster than a taxi, especially if your hotel is very close to the RER station. pls note that sales clercks do NOT speak english in paris metro/RER... use sign language... RER and metro are quite safe, but keep an eye on your belongings all the time and keep your money, passport, tickets etc in a safe place. RER from cdg airport costs ~$8 - 10.
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What's the difference between the Metro and RER?
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Hi- I returned from Paris yesterday. We had difficulty making our decision about the RER/metro versus a taxi to CDG airport. The RER will cost 50 francs a person and a metro ticket costs 8 francs (a little over a dollar). A taxi ride from the Bastille area cost 200 francs including the tip. We ended up taking a taxi because we were tired of toting our luggage on various types of transportation.We had no problems carrying our luggage on the metro during our trip- although we did see a woman get mugged at a metro station when she set her bag down just for a second. However, we never felt threatened. Good luck and enjoy your trip.
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Beth: The "Metro" is essentially the subway within Paris. The "RER" is a combination of subway and above ground rail transportation for locations outside of the subway system. In some cases, it is a connecting bus service such as the one from CDG airport to the train station (it's free, by the way). A Metro ticket takes you anywhere on the Metro and an RER ticket connects you elsewhere such as "RER-C" takes you to/from Versailles.

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