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Toni Thiele
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Ultimate Ancestry Search

I am searching for my Great Grandparents who were from Villarba and Caltanisseta, Sicily. Are these towns very small? Would anyone know if they have a Bureau of Statistics and perhaps the address? Names such as: Rosario Gagliano, Domenica Cabibi, Francesco Viola, Carmella Sala, Paul Genova Almaday Mulae, Antonio Geraci, Concetta Mulae,Franchenso and Michillena Geraci, are ones I'm searching for. Could anyone help with where I should begin to search? Thanks.
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Toni Thiele wrote: I forgot to add Polarmo, Sicily to my just posted message. Sorry.

Polarmo? Wouldn't it be Palermo?

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Have you ever visited the site http://italgen.com/ ?
It may give you a start. I haven't play around with it, so I don't know if you may do any research on line.
Good luck

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Caltanisseta is a province in the heart of Sicily, near Enna. Are you sure about Villarba? Check if it wouldn't be Villalba. This is some 40km northwest of Caltanisseta, in the same province.

Give a look at

This is in Italian but you may ask the forum for help if you get stuck.

A certain Bertolo Orazio Giovanni Mulè (not quite your Mulae) of Villalba (died in Caltanisseta), is listed as an illustrious past citizen of the provincet.

When looking for info on Caltanisseta, you may wish to try Catanissetta (Sicilain dialect).

One other site you may try out (looks somewhat outdated, so it may be discontinued) is
All of your surnames (a couple with a somewhat different spelling), except for Viola, appear at least once.

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Definitely check out the Family History Center I mentioned in response to your earlier post for your Italy research. I have family from Palermo (surnames Vitrano, Rapp, among others) and was able to get quite a bit of information from the index to Vital Records,
published in Palermo, that they have on microfilm at the FHC. Unfortunately, they didn't have copies of the actual documents that I was interested in (those years hadn't been filmed), but the index itself was useful. I also wrote to Palermo for copies (I can look up the address for you, if you like), but they just sent extracts, which didn't contain any more information than the index.
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So there is a previous post, Ann ... can't find it with fodor's search function.

Anyway, Toni, you may also try getting in touch with

Cludio Torrisi
Archivio di Stato di Caltanisseta
Via P. Borsellino, 2-2a
93100 Caltanissetta
Tel. +39/934/591600


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