tuxedo rental in Paris?

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tuxedo rental in Paris?

My fiance' and I are going to France on our honeymoon in about two weeks. As a wedding gift, I bought him tickets to the Opera in Paris. However, he doesn't own a tuxedo and it would be quite expensive to keep a rental for the duration of our 2-week trip. Are there tuxedo rental shops in Paris? Will he be able to rent with just a few days notice or should we be reserving a rental now? Any advice appreciated.
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Unless you are going to a gala opening or other special event, a tuxedo would not be necessary (although a very elegant presentation.) A dark suit would be more than acceptable, and in fact more common. You will even find some men dressed more casually than that.
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He will not need a tuxedo, and probably from what I've heard it would look out of place. For dressup a dark suit would be fine, however as Elaine said you will see people a lot more causual then that too. Bob Brown (who is on his European trip right now) said last year there was a fellow in a black t-shirt sitting next to them. Not very elegant I agree. Save your money for other things then tuxedo rentals and don't fill up your suitcases with a lot of formal clothes, you just won't need them.
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I know of two places I could look up the address of as I had to find formal wear rental places in Paris for someone for a wedding, but I won't because no one wears a tuxedo to the Opera so you won't need one. I have never seen a single person in one. HOpefully he has a respectable-looking jacket of some type.
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I agree that you don't have to dress up for the Opera, but if you want to:

One shop for tuxedo rental in Paris is called "Une Affaire du Soir" or "L'Affaire du Soir," on rue de la Pompe, between avenue Victor Hugo and avenue Bugeaud, metro Victor Hugo. (I don't have the exact address or phone number). I have bought formal items there (shirt, cufflinks), but I know they also rent. A few days notice is probably OK, but it might be safest to call a week in advance. I believe they also rent formal women's attire.

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