TSA fails 95% of the time

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TSA fails 95% of the time

Apparently, a covert test showed that the TSA failed to detect 95% of prohibited items. I suspect this means they will try to be extra thorough for the next few months to make up for it. Longer waits in security ahead?

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And this relates to Europe how? (TSA is a US agency)
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They fail 95% of the time but somehow they seem to find 100% of those really dangerous half-full 4 oz. bottles of cologne... not to mention the Kleenex you left in your pocket.
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I hate it when people see the glass 95% empty.
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RE: Europe Most all of us americans have to traverse TSA scrutiny on our way to europe. Its a fundamental part of the transportation process on our way. As are the carriers to europe and all of the rest of the mechanics associated with travel. Its not comforting to know that only 5% of any prohibited items carried by passengers will be intercepted.

I don't like the message but I don't believe it isn't relevant or material.
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I guess like Sepp Blatter the TSA boss couldn't be everywhere!
Beyond pathetic.
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I was surprised to see full body scanners in Frankfurt this trip. I thought the procedure was very similar to the US in every airport I flew through last month. Dublin even has the ability to show you your checked suitcase on the screen as you go through customs. That was very cool. I have to be the advocate here and tell you the test the red team run are the latest info and they stick crap where you don't want people feeling. It is very much on the iffy side to get a fail. I know that they are only suppose to touch certain areas of your privates and these testers are gung ho on failing and if the screener did that to a regular pax you would be freaked out. I do look at the amount of guns and weapons they confiscate daily and the wackos with them you would not want on your plane. I still want my plane screened. What is the alternative? Mica wants private security but they will still follow TSA guidelines and I bet the security in Europe is not much better. Italian ones dress nicer though...
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Edward--thanks for posting this. You might repost in the Lounge.

Trophywife--exactly! They're too busy checking for BS stuff like that to spot the real bad stuff.
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