Trip to Fance and Italy

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Trip to Fance and Italy

We are planning for a 7-10 day trip to France and Italy.I would like to know if it is possible to make the trip to both the countries and not make it too tiring .
Is it possible see venice and florence ( and Pisa) in two complete days?
Also how long will it take to reach Venice from Paris by train?
how many days (at the least) would i need to travel around the best spots of Paris and nearby cities?
Thanks you all for your respones in advance!
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I am not sure if this is a real post but I would highly reccommend that you only travel to Italy OR France not both in a 10 day trip. Both countries are so wonderful and have so much to offer. Florence alone deserves 4 days and Pisa at least a full day. The museums in Paris could easily take 3 days. If it is $ that makes you want to cram it all into one trip travel in the off season and either take more time or make two trips. Have fun
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Personally, I don't think 7-10 days is enough time at all to do both. 7 days in Paris alone is not too much, and with a few day trips 10 days would be fine. Remember, you're not just seeing things - that you could do with pictures. You want time to stroll, sit at a cafe, breathe in the ambiance - that's what Paris is all about. For more Paris information e-mail me: [email protected]
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The time constraint of ten days is not necessarily a reason that you can't enjoy a little of France and a little of Italy in the same trip. You just have to keep in mind that you will only see a small percentage of what either country has to offer. This would be true for either country separately in ten days. For that matter it would be true for most of the fifty U.S. states.

But your question about Venice/Florence/Pisa does suggest that you have some very unrealistic ideas about rushing through - - at least, in the same sense that many "regulars" here think that you should enjoy and learn about the destinations you pick for yourself in Europe.

Traveling to France does NOT have to automatically assumer that you will go to Paris. Three days in the French Alps, in Alsace or on the Riveiera will give you a snapshot look at that one part of France, and this could make a reasonable contrast to 5-7 days in Italy - - focusing on two "major" destinations, for example - - like Venice and the Veneto or Florence and Tuscany. Few people would rank Pisa as one of the ten most worthwhile destinations in Tuscany, by the way - - though it can make sense as a "stop-by" if you are headed by car from Florence to Nice.

Some leading questions: is this your first trip to Europe? why did you pick these two countries in particular? Any personal connections to either one? its language, culture, history, foods or arts? Any reason not to substitute England for one country or the other? (you can fly much more cheaply and quickly from England to either country than you can between France and Italy).

What time of year? Any constraints on where you fly into - - and out of? Any reason you prefer to take a very, very long train trip (Paris to Venice) instead of flying between countries?

All these are issues that will influence your ability to plan this trip on your own. I hope wou will come back often with many more specific questions as your plans evolve.

Best wishes,

Rex Bickers
Westerville, Ohio
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Hi Rex,
Thanks ..that mail waas very enlightening...
See...actually...i chose those two countries..because i've already been to Switzerland...and those are the only two major countries I'm interested in.London is not possible for me.
I asked for the train from Paris to a second alternative..and also because i thought in europe nothing is very far off.
And yes,by France i did not actually mean Paris..I'm not the museum unless it is very special i do not want to visit many museums.I was more specific about beautiful locales in and AROUND Paris.So if i can squeeze 3-4 days for Paris then wouldn't it be enough to spend 4 days in Venice-Florence and Pisa?
Venice as far as i have gathered..San Marco gandola ride and two bridges.
Florence one day here and there and one day Pisa...does it sound too unrealistic?
i do not know much about Paris
Please do write back...
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I'm not smart enough to advise on the wisdom of cramming France and Italy into the same trip, except to say it sounds like a bad idea. However, I will advise, without reservation, that you should bag the idea of combining Florence and Pisa. Pisa is a difficult-to-get-to tourist trap. Just tell your friends you went to the Tower and spend the second day in Florence, which alone is worth the seven to 10 days you plan for your entire trip.
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Hey Guys!
Sounds like mine was a really bad idea!!!
Ok then let me start fresh...
In Italy i would like to see Venice,Florence and Pisa...Can anyone suggest me as to what is there to see?which place i could use as my base?and how many days will i need to cover these three places?
In France,if i stick to only Paris then how many days would i need?
which is an averagely good hotel?
thanks in advance
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Hi, I'm in agreement about not quite enough time to see all those cities. I stayed 3 days in Florence and ran myself ragged trying to see everything. Loved Florence. Took a day trip to Pisa and that was fun, but one day is plenty. I returned late the same day. Haven't been to Venice, so can't suggest anything there. And, BY ALL MEANS, go to Paris if you can swing it. Paris is one of my favorite cities and you need at least 3 days there. Have a great time.
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A minor consideratin - - the time it takes to adjust to new time zones, languages, cultures, etc - - but this assumes that you are starting from North America or some continent other than Europe.

It occurs to me that maybe this is not true for you. What is your origin? and is English perhaps not your first language?

Neither question really affects the answer, although if you are already IN Europe, it might affect your ability to "hit the ground running" a bit better.

And I am still curious about what month you anticipate traveling.
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