Traveling overnight Munich to Rome

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Traveling overnight Munich to Rome

I just read the quote below on and it scared me blind. Is it true? Can this really happen?

I'm traveling by overnight train from Munich to Bologna then on to Rome. We have reserved a first class compartment for just the two of us. We are experienced travelers in Europe. Maggie is German and I lived in Europe for ten years. I have never heard of such a thing as I read here. But I'm older now and this makes me nervous. Should I be?

"Lastly, if you are traveling in overnight trains, especally across the Swiss and French borders, be aware that there are gangs
that have keys to the compartments. They enter and use chemicals to knock you out while they rob you blind. There's not much
you can do to stop that, except place all the luggage you can find in front of the door so it makes an infernal racket when it's
opened (but you'll find this is not practical if you're in a couchette with strangers who use the toilets often....). One trick we've
tried successfully is to place our money and jewelry in our socks and wear them. You can slip your passport under the rear side
of the mattress - but don't forget it in the morning!"

I would appreciate any comments.
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John, while I'm not sure anyone can *guarantee* that something like this has *never* happened, it's my opinion that it's an "urban legend", travel department. I've read about these stories for years and put little, if any, stock in them.

I just got a "serious" email from a friend today, WARNING me (and others) about gangs in Jacksonville, Florida who put hypodermic needles -- with, of course, the AIDS virus -- on gas pump handles. The official-sounding letter he forwarded was from some Jacksonville police office. I checked the web and, needless to say: urban legend. The "police officer" does not exist, and neither do the gangs with hypodermic needles.

Sadly, the internet gives a broad forum to people who get their jollies by creating stories to scare people.
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Thanks Capo, that's reassuring. Intellectually, I know what you say is true, but reading stuff like that is still scary.
thanks, again, I'm going to relax and continue to look forward to my trip with excitement.
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I've taken that train twice and had no problems. Did you know that each sleeper car has an attendant? He/she is supposed to watch over the car.
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Thanks, Paige. I needed that. I guess I knew they had attendants, but that post on initaly still made me nervous. I feel better already.

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