Travel with 20 year old children

Jul 29th, 1998, 11:58 AM
Nick Ingoglia
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Travel with 20 year old children

We would like to take our 3 children (2 boys age 22, one girl age 24) to Italy for a graduation gift next June - What do you recommend as far as entertaining all of us? Can we find a central location to travel around Italy? We are having trouble figuring out how we can please everyone (especially the boys who don't want to sightsee for much of the time). I'd appreciate any advice you could give us.

Nick Ingoglia
Jul 29th, 1998, 12:32 PM
Jen Z
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No offense, but I think they would probably like it best if you just gave them some cash, railpasses and Hostelling International memberships and departed from them at the airport. They aren't 'kids' anymore, and can probably think of entertainment that you wouldn't want to take part in. They are adults who should see, on their own, the excitement in going to Italy and seeing so much culture and history, and if they don't, maybe they would be happier going to Hawaii or somewhere that better suits their interests...ask them!!

Staying in hostels and meeting other young people is half the fun of a 'first' trip. I 'did' Europe on my own at 20-21, and as much as I love my parents, I wouldn't have gone with them for the world (even if they had offered to pay for it!). If all else fails, at least make sure your research is a family job so they know what to expect and have a chance to figure out what might interest them. Don't force them into making it a family trip, though, because, I'm sorry to say, they might resent you and have a horrible time.

Best of luck to you.
Jul 29th, 1998, 12:46 PM
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Children?? 22, 24 years old?? in some countries
these "children" are already combat officers in the
Anyhow, Italy IS scenery, and there is so much to
see... Venice is an unforgettable place (for
youngsters as for seniors) to visit for 3-4 days,
Florence is worth 3-4 days, smae with Rome. Verona
has its annual festival around June-July, with lots
of performances. Italy is not only scenery and
atmosphere, but also food, wine, music, fashion and
shopping: leather goods, gold jewelry (18 Kt.,
unlike the 14 kt. sold in America, and considerably
less expensive!). As a tourist you'll be so tired at
the end of a busy, hot day, that night-entertainment
wouldn't be a big of an issue. We just returned from
there with 8 & 14 yr olds (now THESE are children!)
and they had a great time. Have fun, you a
Jul 29th, 1998, 01:50 PM
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Nick, a few years I took my daughter and two of her friends to Europe for a college graduation present - a friend of mine also went. We had a great time together - I had my own itinerary mapped out and the "kids" were free to accompany us or go off on their own. This worked well - they wanted to be with us on a lot of our excursions. They found that we knew lots of fun, interesting places.
Now THIS summer my daughter and two friends are backpacking across Europe with a Eurail pass for 7 weeks. Our paths crossed for 2 nights in Austria and when we parted, she and her friends begged us to come with them. ( I'm not certain our daughter meant it, but it was a nice gesture.) Anyway, she has told me that their favorite place has been the Cinque Terre in Italy - they rented an apartment for 4 or 5 nights and just loved it.
During one of her infrequent phone calls I mentioned that I was already planning a trip for next summer, and she said, "Wherever you're going, count me in!" This from a daughter who has lived half a continent away from me for the past 4 years. She does like to travel with me, though...hmmm, could it be that I pick up lots of the expenses?
Jul 29th, 1998, 03:10 PM
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Great responses! Especially the one about Mom picking up most of the expenses! We only travel with our 20+ son if we're going to family in Italy, other than that, he's on his own---it also helps to have a resort in the family so he can veg out at the pool while we look at art. Good luck!
Jul 29th, 1998, 04:05 PM
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One thing you don't mention is what your kids think of all this. That could tell us a lot right there. Are they into this family vacation? If so, that's great but I would recommend splitting up at times to let people do what they want to do and keep from getting on each others nerves. If they are really eager but not cool with hanging out with M&D the whole time I say you stay together for a few days and then separate to different areas or countries for the rest of the trip. (If they don't care or are reluctant, then force them to go!) How long do you plan to spend there? Maybe you shouldn't stay in just one area.
Jul 30th, 1998, 08:31 AM
wes fowler
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Have the kids check out the Rick Steves guides, the Lonely Planet and Let's Go Guides. Have them scour the internet for national tourist offices and information about youth hostels. Then fly to Europe, give them your hotel phone number, kiss them goodbye and tell them to meet you two hours before your return flight time. You'll end up with multiple adventures to share and the kids will appreciate that you recognize them to be adults competent to forage for themselves.
Jul 31st, 1998, 08:20 AM
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Judy -Thanks for your response - They are all enthusiastic to go, and yes, I'm sure one of the big reasons is that we are paying - I like the idea of planning our own itinerary and then asking them to join if they like and if not, meeting us later prior to departure. I have never been to Cinque Terra and that sounds like a great spot for us all to begin.

Thanks again for a very helpful response.

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