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Travel time by train from Zermatt to Venice?

Travel time by train from Zermatt to Venice?

Dec 22nd, 2005, 01:22 PM
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Travel time by train from Zermatt to Venice?

Can anyone give me a rough idea of train time for this trip? Is the only way to do it through Milan? Thanks!
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Dec 22nd, 2005, 01:36 PM
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Hi Again Weadles,

Roughly, the trip will be seven hours, with at least one change in Brig (maybe other changes in Taesch, Milan, etc, according to your schedule). All the connections I see do go through Milan (at the SBB site, just click on the blue-colored train number to see all its stops).

Train schedules at www.rail.ch.

Have fun!

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Dec 26th, 2005, 07:03 PM
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Thank you so much, swandav2000!
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Oct 3rd, 2010, 04:20 PM
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Wanting to leave from Zurich Airport to Zermatt next June, 2011 as the first leg before we do a cruise tour that starts in Venice. Want to spend two nites in Zermatt, after arriving in Zurich and taking an early train to Zermatt...then leave the morning of third day, e.g. July 3 to Venice S. Lucia to meet our cruise tour group. I need to know how to book this train from Zermatt to Venice...go thru Brig? Do we handle on own luggage...(I would prefer) so I know it doesn't get lost. Thanks for your help!
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Oct 3rd, 2010, 05:50 PM
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Once you know what trains you will want to pick, write them down, with the times and dates, and when you get to Zürich Airport, go to the SBB-CFF railways counter (follow signs "to trains" and look for the counter on the floor from which you descend to the actual tracks) and show your paper and the agent will fix you up.

Yes, you handle your own luggage, porters are a thing of the distant past.

Use www.rail.ch that Swandav just listed, but only to get some idea for now.

It is too early to look for precise timetables for June 2011 - this year, like every year, on Dec. 11, all over Europe the railways adjust their timetables and after that you can take it for gospel.

As to Visp or Brig - makes no difference, it's the first stop down in the Rhone valley where you have to switch from the mountain train coming down from Zermatt to the fast international train headed for Italy.

Some trains (most of them) require you to make another switch in Milano - it is a huge train station and if you can avoid it by picking one of the few trains that go all the way to Venice you'll be better off.

Currently for example the 07:39 departure from Zermatt is such a direct one, after you pick up the EC (EuroCity) 37 train in Brig, you don't have to get off the train until you get to Venezia Santa Lucia - the station down by the canals where you want to be! It still goes via Milano, they all do, but you have your seat and you stay on - you'll have a half hour to go get a sandwich, at least one of you, the other might want to stay on the train and watch over your bags.

If you pick a departure from Zermatt that happens to go via Brig, you simply get off the mountain train, walk across the street to the "real" train station and check the displays to see which track you will use to board the train to Italy.

If you pick a departure from Zermatt that happens to go via Visp, then you end up in the actual station and also look for the connecting train's track.

You'll hear announcements before the train comes in, in several languages including English.

Note that the platforms have signs up above - A - B - C - D and there are announcements and posters that tell you which class of carriages stops in which "Sector" as they call them.

So if you have reservations in 2nd class (which is plenty nice by the way!), it might say "2nd class sectors C and D", so that's where you go and wait, below the signs C or D.

When the train arrives, it only stops for a minimal time, and being in the right place sure helps with getting on quickly. Get your stuff and yourselves on in a hurry and put your bags aside at first so that others can also get on, then you figure out just where you put them - either on racks at the end of the carriage, or underneath the seatbacks that form an inverted V and leave space underneath.

Since the fast Italian trains all require seat reservations (they come with the ticket) you need to sit in the assigned carriage and seat as per your ticket, even though in Brig or Visp you're still on Swiss rails.

On trains within Switzerland that is not necessary, and few people bother with reserving seats.

One more thing - about Venice, there are two stations, Venezia-Mestre is the station in the industrial area up on the mainland, on the fast through-line, and some trains stop and drop you off there and you have to take the local train down to the canals, it runs several times an hour.

Because Venice (the touristy part) is such a magnet, there are many fast trains that end and start out in Venezia Santa Lucia, the station down by the canals. The 07:39 departure from Zermatt I mentioned above connects you with one that ends up in Santa Lucia (and requires no change of trains in Milan - that's the best of all worlds).

Hope this helps.
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Oct 3rd, 2010, 06:27 PM
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Neither here nor there but we took the train from Zermatt to Brig, crossed over for the train to Milan, and when we got on there was someone in our reserved seats (they were coming from Geneva I believe). I thought they were squatters but it turned out we both had reservations for the same seats. The conductor said he hadn't seen that before.

What about Swiss precision?
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Oct 3rd, 2010, 08:00 PM
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Simply not possible, unheard of, scandalous, one of the two reservations must have been made on the other side of Geneva, in France... (I'm only just barely kidding..)

It's always the fault of those bloody foreigners, like when you're in Zürich waiting for an international train from Innsbruck to Basel, and the announcement goes something like this: "The XYZ departure for Basel will be delayed by eight minutes due to the train's late arrival at the border - meaning: blame the Austrians.

This is such a rare event, Colduphere should have run out to buy a Sevalos - a lottery ticket, it would have been a sure winner.
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Oct 4th, 2010, 12:33 AM
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DalaiLlama - I believe you are correct. The squatters were from France. Okay there is a small chance they were Swiss French but I doubt it. The fact that they were dismissive of my excellent Canadian French means 99/100 that they were from Paris.
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