Travel through spain


Apr 21st, 2013, 06:48 AM
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Travel through spain

Hi Everyone, I am planning a trip to spain and portugal with the idea of flying to Lisbon from Dubai (where I live) with a large family 6 adults and 2 children hire a large car (I prefer SUV's -dont know if you get any there) and then drive from Lisbon to Madrid taking a scenic country route. I am planning a 2 week trip starting from dec 10th with spending christmas in Madrid and then flying back around 27th. I have never been to this part of europe so it will be my first trip to portugal and spain. Lots of drving experience and though and used to driving over 2000Kms in a trip. I am an avid camper but with family arund not sure if it is a great idea. Any tips on dates, route planning, and stay would be good as I am still in the planning stage and have the option to book as per a final plan, suggestions?
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Apr 21st, 2013, 08:30 AM
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Usually renting a car in one country and dropping in another is quite expensive. Also December could be a bit dreary, not what I would consider to be camping weather...
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Apr 21st, 2013, 09:53 AM
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December in Madrid, cold
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Apr 21st, 2013, 09:59 AM
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You'll have problems finding a car that can fit 6 adults and 2 children with all their luggage.
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Apr 21st, 2013, 10:42 AM
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Mad. was even cold in late April..scarf and glove weather..even snow in Avila!! Camping would not be my choice of sleeping arrangements!!!
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Apr 21st, 2013, 12:47 PM
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The only vehicle that you could rent for such a large group would the something like the 8 or 9 seat Mercedes Viano, but you would have to hold the luggage in your lap. And as already noted, the one-way drop off fees would be expensive, if you could find a company that would allow you to do a one-way rental for that type of vehicle.

I don't know where you're from, but the days grow short at that time of the year with the sun not rising until after 8:00 am each morning in December and setting just before 6:00 pm throughout the month.

Camping would be out of the question, as places close for the winter season.

Lisbon will be comfortable in December, but It can be quite cold and snowy in if you are planning on driving through Extremadura and up to Madrid, not something I would want to do at that time of the year.

All in all, not a well thought out adventure for your family, especially since you have never been to Spain before. If you want to visit, then I would spend more time in Lisbon, finishing up in Madrid, but leave the driving to others. Take the train or fly.
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