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I subscribe to NG Traveler and Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel. National Geographic is definitely the one to get. The pictures are excellent in NG and they don't focus on only high end property like in Conde Nast. Their "50 Places of a Lifetime" issue from Oct (?) 1999 is a must have.

As others have said, you can get a lot of the information at Frommer's website that is in the articles in the magazine. I get Travel Holiday from a friend and it is a good magazine too, but I definitely couldn't live without National Geographic Traveler.
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We subscribe to Frommers Budget and National Geographic Traveler. We also receive the quarterly issues of Rick Steves' Europe Travel Newsletter. And, thanks to above posts, we called for a free copy of the International Travel News (their next available issue is April, published in March).
We enjoy highlighting and 'sticky noting'articles for travel ideas.
Ah, if we could only have more vacation time.....
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I'm also one who subscribes to Frommer's Budget Travel and CN Traveler. However, I would drop either one if they were not so cheap to subscribe to (I think each one ends up being only about $1-2 an issue which is cheap entertainment to me; the ads pay for most of it, as they should). I agree most of Frommers is redundant and stuff you can get on their website, but not all of it (for example, they had an article 4-5 page article on travel to Cuba a few months ago that you could not get online, I'm pretty sure), so I did renew this year because it was cheap. I also dislike Traveler's perpetual issues on high-class resort hotels etc (readers vote the best hotels, etc, who cares...they do this every year because they are lazy editorially and it's cheap copy) and cruises and islands, but again, I like a few articles here and there, their Ombudsman column, and they have one report, Wendy Perrin, who does do outstanding in-depth articles occasionally from a consumer angle--I would not subscribe to that one either if it weren't so cheap. I haven't seen Natl Geog so will look at that at the newstand as it sounds interesting. I occasionally get solicited for some French-specific travel magazines (France Today, maybe, something like that) which are real expensive, like $5 an issue or something, and I would never subscribe to those as I think they've got a lot of nerve charging so much for magazines that are prime advertising mediums.

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