transfer from CDG to ORY: how much time?

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transfer from CDG to ORY: how much time?

after reading through old threads (there must be hundreds of them!) about paris airport transfers, i still need some advice:

in your experience, how much time will it take to get from CDG to ORY? i know there's a free, roughly 50 minute shuttle between the two for air france (our carriers for the 2nd flight). but customs, finding the shuttle, waiting, etc.? we will NOT be checking any luggage, which should help.

we're flying united to CDG, landing at 10:25 AM on sept 1. i need to schedule our flight from ORY to marseille, but what around time should i schedule it for?

thanks in advance for your help!
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sorry to top my own message, but i really need a good reply by this evening...
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The fasted I have ever gotten out of the secure area and onto the side walk for a taxi was 15 minutes.

That said and considering that you do not have to wait on luggage i would allow at least 40 mins to clear customs and locate the shuttle. If the shuttle leaves from a different terminal then allow at least 20 mins more. I am talking about CDG 2. I havent flown into CDG 1 but would assume it is slower as it is the older part of the airport. Of course if your plane is delayed then you are doomed.

It also depends on the frequency of the shuttle. I would say that at the fastest you could be at Orly around12:30. I personally wouldnt schedule a flight before 3pm. Why not fly out of CDG?
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faile--you also need to add in extra checkin time for security in Orly also-you need to arrive at least 2 hrs prior to flight departure.
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I believe it is just 1 hour for domestic flights. You should check with your carrier.
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I would think we'd just need to arrive at Orly one hour prior to departure for domestic flights within France, as it is in the US. Can someone attest to anything different?

Mbrown, That is VERY helpful, thank you. I'm choosing to fly out of Orly to get to Marseille because It costs $200 to fly RT from CDG to Marseille, but only $75 through Orly. I am on a strict budget, and that $125 makes a big difference to me.

Anyone else with experience doing this? Again, my flight is into CDG on United Airlines, and out of Orly on Air France.
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Faile: I would book the 2:50 flight ORY/MRS. That should give you ample time. One hour check in is sufficient.
But I wonder what happens if your United flight is badly delayed. Does your AF ticket ($ 75 is a steal) allow you to take a later flight in that case?
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we, too, were concerned about what would happen if our flight into charles de gaulle was delayed. that's why i booked AF's 4:35 pm flight ORY-MRS last night, to ward off any imaginable delay. though it does seem ridiculous to schedule such a late connecting flight, even from a different airport, better safe than sorry...

and i suppose if i get out of de gaulle and find myself with a few hours, i can always get off the RER in central paris and wander for a bit.

well, live and learn, i suppose. i'll be a relative expert in all this next time around....thank you all for your responses. you've been integral.
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