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Trains from Rome to Naples - which one do we choose?

Trains from Rome to Naples - which one do we choose?

Jun 16th, 2004, 11:04 AM
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Trains from Rome to Naples - which one do we choose?


I've seen serveral postings for information on trains from Rome to Naples. We're going to Rome and Sorrento in September (first time!) and from what I've read/heard, the train is the easiest and cheapest way to travel to Sorrento from Rome. I looked up schedules on trenitalia.com and it pulled up several trains: EuroStar, InterCity, and a "Direct" train. Does anyone know what the difference is between these train services or have any recommendations on which one to take? Also, I've heard the trains are crowded in the mornings (which is when we'd like to leave). Should we consider buying tickets ahead of time?

And lastly (sorry for all the questions), once we're in Naples, how would you recommend we get to Sorrento? Train...bus...boat??? My choice would be boat - but I don't have any information on this.
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Jun 16th, 2004, 11:09 AM
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HI carrie,

The ES* is the fastest and most comfortable, the IC comes next and the D tain is a milk run. Es* is most expensive. They also run on time.

From Naples you can take a cab to the Molo Bellevere and get a hydrofoil or ferry to Sorrento.

You can also take the Circumvesuviana commuter train from the train station to Sorrento.

If you know when you want to travel, I suggest buying tickets ahead.

You can buy them online from Trenitalia or get them at the train station at FCO when you arrive.
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Jun 16th, 2004, 11:20 AM
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We just did the reverse: Sorrento to Rome. I recommend first class on the Euro Star from Rome to Naples. Ira is right about the hierarchy.

Watch your bags at the Naples and Rome train stations! Don't let any train station "employees" help you with your bags: they are either thieves or expect a fee.

Circumvesuviana train is kind of like a subway in terms of comfort and safety. You might enjoy the hydrofoil or ferry as explained by Ira. We took a great bus that runs from the Naples airport to Sorrento, but there are only 5 a day and you would have to get yourself to the Naples airport. if youu want a private car, your hotel in Sorrento may be able to arrange one for you for about a hundred Euros. Check out this website for all Sorrento transportation information.


Rick Steves even recommends this website. have fun!
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Jun 16th, 2004, 11:45 AM
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In my experiences with the Italian train systems, some of the InterCity and Direct trains stop at so many towns along the way that it seems to take forever to get anywhere! We used the EuroStar to get from Rome to Naples. I think it only stopped two or three times. The trains are nice and comfortable, the service is good (we got free drinks), and they are faster. However, the EuroStar is also more expensive. We had a Eurail pass and had to pay an extra 8e supplement each way per person, although I personally think that it was more than worth it.
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Jun 16th, 2004, 11:50 AM
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Free drinks on the Eurostar Italia train is only in first class. Second class must pay for beverages (small sum). "Diretto" trains usually don't have air conditioning, and should be avoided for this reason alone during the summer months. They are also slower (stop at more stations) and noisier than the Eurostar. Intercity trains have a/c, but are not as modern or as quiet as the Eurostar. From Rome to Naples, either ES or IC is OK, and the price differential is minimal. On Eurostar (but NOT Intercity), all seats are sold on a reserved basis, ensuring that you won't have to stand.
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Jun 16th, 2004, 12:05 PM
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Thank you all so much! I make it a point to try and read other postings and not ask the same questions...but the different train servives weren't clear. Your replies have been extremely helpful! I've heard amazing things about Rome and the Amalfi Coast - last thing I want to do is get to these places and have to worry about transportation, etc. I'm a planner so having these details taken care of in advance will make my trip much more enjoyable. Thanks again!
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Jun 16th, 2004, 12:06 PM
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In the Thomas Cook European Timetable number 640 I found these, starting with the cheapest and simplest.
Direct. Semi fast, with stops on the way. Rome 0649 to Naples 0930
Express. On this run non-stop. It comes from Milan, so may need a cleaner. Rome 0625 or 0732 to Naples 0923 or 0954
InterCity. Express, with a buffet car, stops on the way, and small supplement. Rome 0727 to Naples 0924
InterCityNight. Comes from beyond Venice, stops once, and may need a cleaner. Rome Tiburtina 0712 to Naples 0948
EuroNight. Comes from Munich, runs non-stop, and may need a cleaner. Rome 0832 to Naples 1054
Eurostar. Has a restaurant car, somewhat better seats, and a supplement, though to my mind the seats are very little different from those on InterCity, and not worth the supplement. Rome 0845 to Naples 1030.

I can see that this choice is wide. I picture you standing on the platform, inspecting each train, and hoping the next will suit you better. For my part, I always like coffee or a breakfast with omlette on a train while I watch the world roll by, so I should take the InterCity at 0727 or the Eurostar at 0845, and reach Naples at 0924 or 1030. To muddy the waters, I also like lunch on a train, and this you find on the Eurostars that leave at 1120 and 1245 and arrive at 1307 and 1430.

Yes: you should buy tickets ahead of travel. I think the airport has a rail ticket office. First class may be less crowded than second, but that is not sure, so you might as well buy second.

Local trains leave Naples Circumvesuviana station is under Naples Central, where you arrive, and trains leave at 0839, 0909, and every 30 minutes and take about an hour for the 45 kilometers to Sorrento. There are busses, too.

I agree in preferring the idea of the boat. The site www.ondaverde.it/orari_traghettii.htm says this: Naples offers a wide array of boat, ferry (traghetto), hydrofoil (aliscafo), and steamer services to the Sorrentine peninsula across the bay. Most leave from the Molo Beverello - the dock just off Piazza Municipio in Naples, opposite the Castel Nuovo.
More hydrofoils depart for Sorrento from the Mergellina harbor (a short walk from the Mergellina train station), west of the Villa Comunale and about 1 km or 1 mile to the west of Piazza Municipio.

Complete ferry and hydrofoil listings, as well as schedules for Naples-Rome trains and flights from Capodichino Airport can be found in the "Per chi Parte" ("For Those Departing") section of the local Il Mattino newspaper; Qui Napoli, the helpful monthly English-language periodical for visitors to Naples, also lists ferry and hydrofoil schedules.
Hydrofoil service is generally twice as fast as ferries and double the price. Service is considerably more frequent during the summer months.

Further on, that web site lists operators, but your easiest bet will be either to ask your Rome hotel to phone Naples tourist office for advice or yourself to ask at Molo Beverello or the Mergellina harbor, or even at a tourist info desk at Naples Central, if there is one. You will have time aplenty, so if you take the right mood, in bottom gear, you can travel with ease, in stunning seascape.

[email protected]
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Jun 16th, 2004, 12:16 PM
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Avoid the Espressi trains, which originate in northern Italy, as well as the Eurocity Night and the Intercity Night. Stick to the Eurostar at 45 past each hour, where possible. BTW, the 7:27 Intercity out of Rome Termini is the "Peloritano" which goes all the way to Sicily, so it may be a bit crowded.
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Jun 16th, 2004, 12:21 PM
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As you look at the different trains on www.trenitalia.com between Rome and Naples just click on the number(1,2,3,etc) in the lefthand column under info. When the next page appears there will be the train number that you can click on and it will then list all the stops that train makes en route.
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